Are These Doing Okay (A Few Pointers May Be Needed)???

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by orange52, May 28, 2002.

  1. Can someone please let me know how these plants are looking they are all 32 Days old with 18/6 lighting and stand about 6/7" tall they have also been transplanted into a larger container within the last few days should they be bigger?? (the strain is Afghani)

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  2. Dont Know how to add more pictures to 1 thread so please look at the following few pictures of the same plant

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  3. More Pics

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  4. Those babys look mighty good to me . How often do you water them.And how mush fert do u give them
  5. i may be mistaken, i dont know much bout growing, but i think they are supposed to be a lot bigger at 32 days
  6. They are watered every third day and I use fert about once maybe twice a week.

    Can a Senior Member please tell me whether they should be larger than about 6-7" after 32 Days?
  7. They look OK to me.

    Just remember this, if they still green and living you are doing a good job. Don't worry too much what other people say. They should start growiing like a champ soon enough. patience, young grasshopper!! Patience.
  8. As BPP said,,they are still living,,your doing something right..

    I might suggest getting each of them in their own container,,and bury the stems past the first set of leaves,,it will sturdy the stem..keep plants as close as possible to lights,,to prevent leggy growth...

    keep up the good grow...have fun

  9. mine r exactly the same, except i aint burried them past the 1st set of leaves, yet!
  10. I have plants growing outside that are larger than that and they've been growing only for like 3 weeks...they look perfectly fine to me, though. I think my strain is probably just quicker.
  11. After 32 days they should be looking allot better but as you said you aint a weed expert so don't feel that your underachieving because they are looking healthy so don't worry about it. :)

  12. I planted my plants about a month and two weeks ago and there only 10 in tall and i havnt used any thing besides water and a little bit of plant food so dont feel bad orange i feel your pain but dont worry cause there still growin
  13. ......

    "young grasshopper"......laughed out loud at that one!

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