Are these calyx's?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Steevee, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. Hello, I recently noticed these on my plants, my buddy's plants have the same thing. They are different strains and different locations. Mine are clones and his are from seed. We are hoping they are calyx's. Thanks for any information. Please see attached photos. IMG_20190824_093525.jpg IMG_20190824_093525.jpg IMG_20190824_093525.jpg
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  2. Sure enough.
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  3. just big calyxes ,I Dont think they have been pollinated and made seed ,,if you are worried just take one off and look inside the calyx ,,it wont hurt the plant ,,,mac
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  4. Awesome thanks a lot for the quick responses guys. I will post a new thread with some pictures of both of my grow sites for this year.
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  5. Yep. The pistils are always the dead give away.

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  6. It's interesting the pistils coming from those large calyces are already turning brown while the others are still fresh. I wonder what's that about.
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  7. kind of looks hermy to me! calyxes dont swell until near the end of flowering lol
  8. But 3 different strains, in 3 different locations, some from seed and some from clone all doing same thing?
  9. Yes good luck

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  10. I'm going to guess these are similar to preflowers, they have swollen ahead of the others because they formed before flowering began. They are all at nodes, just as preflowers are. I've noticed on several of my plants the preflower calyces are larger than normal.

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