Are these buds too airy?

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  1. I'm about 4-5 weeks into the flowering stage, growing indoors in soil.

    First time grower-- the strain in the picture is Cheese.

    How do the buds look? Any density issues?

    I added a fresh layer of soil, which seems to have cured the yellow leaves. I've also started using FoxFarm Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom to help with the nutrient deficiency.

    Any advice is welcome!

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  2. In flowering generally you don't need to worry about nitrogen issues, yellowing to a degree during flowering won't hurt the product. Most formula for cannabis flowering contain very little or no nitrogen at all. Buds will swell up more and become more solid as you get closer to harvest. Overall the looks healthy.

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    If you using FF trio and have Grow big, you want to use all 3 even in bloom as recommended by their feeding schedule.

    Btw: it the picture outside it looks like your getting white spots on your leaves? when you bring them indoors I would look with a scope for anything unusual!

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  4. Don't wet the buds with water or nutes in bloom.

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  6. I've noticed the white spots too-- any idea what that might be? It's not spider mites, I've checked under the leaves meticulously. It seems like something on the outside of the leaves (i.e., it's not an internal problem with the plant).

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  7. Is it spread over a areas of the leafs? If so probably mold. Easy fix though if that's the case.

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  8. After a quick google search, I think you are right that it's mold.

    Crap, how do I fix this?

    It doesn't look too extreme, at least.

  9. On Second thought, maybe it's thrip damage?
  10. Can you post a few close pics of the possible problem leafs?

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  11. Here's some basic solutions for mold if that is the case. Stop Powdery Mildew On Marijuana Plants Now!
    Though I am not certain how you would go about application considering your decently into budding. I know for a fact that humidity is a big cause for mold or bud rot. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can chime in?

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  12. The best way to describe it is that the white spots look "salty." They are shiny as opposed to fuzzy.

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  13. I'd grab some spinosad, looks like thrip damage.
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  14. Ya that's def not a mold issue. What allofthemtaken said.

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  15. Will do, thanks for taking a look!
  16. So relieved it's not mold! Thanks for the help here.
  17. I just had some thrips that did a very similar looking thing to my plants. One treatment with captain jacks dead bug and they were no more. Would be ok to use a spinosoad treatment at your grow stage as well
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  18. You were right on-- two (2) applications of Captain Jack and problem solved.

    Just uploaded some update pics of the buds.
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  19. UPDATE
  20. UPDATE!!!

    I think my buds are doing pretty well--- no just need a space to dry and cure!

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