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Are these buds sativa or indica dominant?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DeadMan94, Jun 21, 2017.


Sativa dominant or indica dominant?

  1. Sativa

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  2. Indica

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  1. This is Australian bush weed meaning its soil grown outdoor weed. I was wondering whether or not anyone could tell me whether the buds look more indica or sativa dominant based on their appearance and effects.
    Upon smoking they give a euphoric and happy even sometimes giggly vibe with a relaxing body stone which makes you wanna chill. Its a completely clear headed high, somewhat mellow overall and followed by a case of the munchies.
    Im having trouble pinpointing what the buds actually smell like but id say they give off a pungent herbal smell with a slight hint of sourness to it.
    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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  2. Indicas are usually fluffy & sativas are dense. those r my 2 cents

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  3. A look at the whole plant MAYBE!
    No way from a nug(s)..LOL
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  4. In already processed bud form it's near impossible just by looking at it. Your best bet is to smoke it and see how it makes you feel. The best way to tell is to actually see the plant in general and take notice on the size and shape of the leaves. Even then it is often hard to distinguish .( in an Aussie as well :).

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