are these all girls?

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    i think these are pistils, i havent grown in a while and i want to be sure. im pretty sure all four plants in the pictures are girls.
    the first two pictures are two separate plants. the second two pictures are the same plant, and the last picture is the fourth plant. the last picture is out of focus but that one has pistils everyone and im pretty sure its a girl.
    thanks for the help


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  2. Congrats on your girls!! Be proud...
  3. Congrats bro enjoy them ladies happy growing
  4. look like some sexy ladies to me
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    Still looks too early to tell.
    You want to look at the top two nodes for signs of pre sexing.
    New female parts (before the pistils emerge) will look "long", and tapered from the base (fatter) to the tip (not as fat as the base), but round in shape.
    New male parts will look like a new branch bud, then begin to take on what resembles the look of a crab claw, then develop into full blown (swollen) pollen sacs.
    Those structures on either side of where the leaf stem and emerging branches meet the main stalk are called stipules, and have nothing to do with reproductive structures.  They look similar to what eventually turns into a seed bract/calyx, but will never produce pistils.
    If you watch your plants daily, you'll have no worries about catching males before they produce pollen.  I pre sex my plants during veg' with 100% accuracy...

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