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Are thermos's smellproof??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by success, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. So I'm just wondering if the aluminum thermos are smell proof. I just need something I can carry it in my car trunk. Parents sketch out and when they drive my car they say it smells like weed. I usually have like a half o in the trunk just in a bag. It's always dank so it does smell. I just need something that will get the job done so I can drive around and give weed to friends or keep it on me. Thanks.

  2. Get a glass mason jar and conceal it somewhere. I'm sure you can find somewhere in your room? Not like they smell. The trunk isn't the greatest place to keep kush. Especially in larger amounts. Imagine this....

    "Hey Livinlifebro we are taking you car to the store.".. Parents take car. Get pulled over and searched. Half - O - In truck... Doesn't look like a very nice situation bro.

  3. I do have one which I keep my stash in when I keep it in my house but it still smells. It would be wierd too if they looked in my backpack and saw a mason jar
  4. My mom just thinks I'm gunna get busted my the police so she tries to "catch me" but I never give her any of my stuff. Yet she doesn't want me to move out yet.... Parents man
  5. Keeping a half oz in your trunk is asking for trouble in the first place dude. Can't you park it with a friend and just pick it up in smaller amounts? Like a couple grams?

    But to help with the smell, I think a ziplock in a sealed jar is probably the best course of action. You can get a glass jar with a silicon seal at pretty much any head shop.
  6. Yea but I need to ride around and give it to friends. Looking for a non suspicious way
  7. #7 awdcivic, Dec 29, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 29, 2012
    bro seriously thats stupid weed in the car is how 90% (at least i would bet more %) of people that smoke weed get caught, its how i got caught. seriously take it out. your profits are not gonna cover what you have to pay when you get arrested and i guarantee you if you keep it in your car all the time you WILL get arrested. Ive already ended up spending over $8000 in fines just for fucking 5 grams. Im having to go to AA meetings go to classes community service drug tests having to call every day to see if its my day for drug tests. i guarantee you that will pay for a lot of gas money to travel back to your house and take it to your friends. Not to mention the pure hassle that they will cause you.

    Edit: oh your in cali lol but still its best to not keep it in the car either way there are pos dicks everywhere. there was a post on here about someone with a medical card getting arrested.

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