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are there...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dr_krapp, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. .. alot more new ppl or is it just me?

    didnt there used to be the odd new person when i was frist here?

    and havnt we lost quite a few ppl? seems like i've read all these post before, but by other ppl, who've since left.

    strange. proberly just me tho
  2. i think its a changing board.

    There keeps being peoplle coming, and people leaving and every once in awhile a few people end up staying and others just leave and new ones come and some stay and the rest leave and so on and so on.

    Keeps on chaning see.....

    i think thats how it works any how. Dont know why some leave and some stay, people are tough to figure out sometimes....
  3. Things done changed........

  4. YES! :D

    There are almost 11,000 members here now....with over half of them somewhat active. We have a ton who have been here and haven't gone anywhere, we have a lot who will take the occasional break, we have people who haven't been here in a year or more who just show up and it's like they never left and we get a lot of new kick ass people everyday.
  5. rotflmao[​IMG]

    We are just spreading the word and one day the entire world will be covered in blades from grasscity.[​IMG]
  6. We should get a petition going!!!
  7. wow, ppl who dont stay are strange, enles they come back, then their not
  8. You never can tell what can cause a person to leave...for all we know their computer could have blown up months ago and they haven't gotten a new one. :(
  9. true, but then exturnal forces are at wokr and they WILL be back, if they know whats good for them :p
  10. Its an addicting site.

    I used to play this online game that was very addicting. I quit like 10 times and always came back. Subliminal messages are not cool.
  11. what subliminal messages?

    *stay at grasscity*

    well at least there are none here

    *grasscity is cool*

    see you can read them proberly!
  12. are newcomers bad or something....? Because i'm a newcomer, yet i love reading what all of you write and would love to be accepted, heh. and to the petition idea, i think we could pull it off with as many people as there are visiting this site.
  13. Nope, newcomers are good. Even if theyre new comers to smoking all together. As long as they arent annoying fucks that is. New or old, annoying fucks are, well annoying.

  14. Truer words have never been said.

    But seriously, new people are awesome. All of us were new at one time.
  15. nah newcomers are cool!

    it just when i signed up i could've sworn not as many ppl were signing up is all
  16. yeah in this month alone their seems to be alot of new people. but hey as long as they are annoying and pass the word all is good.
  17. hehe, i still you all you guys!!!
  18. I signed up here recently. I had been reading here and at yahooka. I think i made the right choice. This place is the best. I don't see why anyone would want to leave.

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