Are there hidden messages in Music?

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  1. Okay well Ive noticed that when I really slow down a song And listen carefully to what the singer is saying, Their words could possibly be tricked in the stufdio or by the way the artist is saying it so the words have a second meaning that we don't pick up.

    I really Slowed down one song and show the words I think are the hidden message, the first time thorugh its just the normal lyrics, but the second time thorugh is the secret ones?

    Lol Just did this cause I was high and thought I noticed osmething no else has noticed b efore haha! what do you think?

    [ame=]Megadeths Secret - YouTube[/ame]
  2. sshit dood im trying to sleep!
  3. naw i honestly don't think so. i think its just a tendency for humans to find patterns and meanings in things that don't have pattern or meaning

    curious as to how we find patterns in the natural world if we are biased to finding them in the first place? math, my friend, math
  4. Illuminati want my mind soul and body
  5. When you have 100 songs back to back about the exact same subjects. money, pussy and weed... that is a hidden message, minus the hidden part.

    when every song sets the standards, this much money to get this much pussy, you gotta dress this way and speak this way.

    Eventually you will think this way.

    i consider most of the music now as hidden messages.
  6. [ame=]Iron Maiden - Still Life - YouTube[/ame]

    First 14 seconds:eek:

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