Are there Black Friday deals for bongs?

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  1. Are there Black Friday deals for bongs? Also, what websites have deals going on? Need to get a bong this winter!!!

  2. I have actually never thought about headshops and black friday before
    until I read this post.. because real headshop owners aren't corporate
    chains and whatnot, I just assume they would never do such a thing.
    But online.. that's a different story... I'm sure there's bound to be one
    online headshop with a bullshit  reason to have a black friday sale haha.
    Yup, I received an e-mail where there's a company taking 20% off their whole site. But I want to see other options before I make my decision in purchasing a bong. 
  4. I went to a few headshops last year on black friday. They had no sales going on
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    My local headshops rape on prices anyways, so I'm mainly looking for black friday deals online if anyone knows any legit websites with BF deal going on
  6. My local headshop does buy one get one free for almost everything in the store. The only thing I remember being excluded was volcano vapes.
  7. Grass City has a 25% off everything sale until December 10th. 
  8. my local headshop thats pretty huge and has tons of high end glass is having 50% off black friday at midnight. too bad im in miami for school and i cant go...
  9. I was gonna say I'm pretty sure grasscity does 25 or 30% off for Black Friday usually. I should check a few sites out though, I'm in the market for a vape.
  10. Darn, if anyone knows any online websites offering black friday deals, please post them here! Doesn't grasscity take forever to ship? Rather purchase elsewhere
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  12. They can take a stupid amount of time to ship it out. They have the best prices of any head shop hands down so you have to take the bad with the good. They also now offer 3 day shipping so that would solve your problem. 
  13. Grasscity bro. Best quality glass guaranteed. Help our community out.

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  14. ALT does a sale for the fall, pretty sure it's going on now.

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  15. If you live in the USA search for glass made in usa on grass city. It ships from the states so you dont have to wait for customs and all that jazz. I bought a bubbler made in the usa and got it pretty fast.
  16. Yes that's very true, I forgot about that. For example, anything from Jerome Baker Designs comes from the States. It doesn't help me since I live in Canada but my 24 arm JBD tree perc came from Hawaii. It's an awesome way to avoid customs, my piece came with a $95 customs fee when it goes for $490 U.S on Grass City so that would have been a nice chunk to save if I lived in the States.

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