are there any......

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  1. are there any people around 13??Just wondering cause i'm a 12 male
  2. get a life... no offence just... you know... ah fuck it who am i to talk...
  3. Not that i know of. And if there were I dont know how anxios they would be to admit there ages.

  4. 24 here, don't know of any 13 year olds.
  5. we all make our own decisions in life unless the judge makes them for us. I started at 13 and i didnt feel that way at the time but i wish i would have waited a little longer. I dropped out of school at an early age because i thought getting stoned was more important than my future. It was the dumbest thing i have ever done. Before they nail you and give you the boot for being under legal adult age just wanna say - be real. Peace
  6. yah dude, im not TOO much older than you, and i'm already wasting my life away. i wish i had started later (started in 7th grade) so that i would know what i was giving away. but it's all good, cause i'm gonna tone it down this summer, since next year my dad said if i get strait A's, he'll get me whatever car i want. you know how many time's i've come close to shitting myself everytime i think of rolling up to a party in my pimp(ett)ed out ford Bronco? haha, that was so off the subject but yeah... whatever

    peace out yo

    (haha i cant remember the last time i said that and acutally meant it, and like, thought that i was cool)
  7. if you only smoke on weekends i guess its ok when your 13 but your a daily toker thats a problem
  8. I was just bored and i started at 10 and i feel left out cause only kids that i know that smoke hang out wit my bro only like 1 of my friends smoke sux i can only smoke with peeps at the youngest 14.

    :hippie:Well keep tokin'!:hippie:

    pretty big joint eh?(it's not me)l

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  10. i kinda figured it wasn't you due to the facial hair. if you got that at 12 YOUR A FREAK lol j/k.
  11. wow thats the biggest doobie ive ever seen....i would of loved to been in that puff,puff,give
  12. Don't that guy look happy in the background, you would never of thaught that there was a guy holding the bigest J I have ever seen sat next to him.

  13. i wonder how long that burned like an all-day
  14. my friend (now fifteen) can grow a beard and im not talkin about a lil teenage craggly beard... one like my dads.... hes been able to since seventh grade he has to shave twice a day its scary and hes only 6 hours older than me.... i guess it really shows......
  15. LOL you are so full of SHIT ! yeah he shaves twice a day LMFAO.

  16. That joint reminds me of a cheech and chong movie. =)

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