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are there any....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by happy tree, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. ...foods you can eat right before/after smoking up that will either "enhance" or prolong the high?
    cause i feel like i've heard of a couple foods that can enhance the high if you eat it right after smoking, but i cant remember the foods and i dont know if it's true.

    any clarification/insight/ideas are much appreciated!
  2. dont think so the only way i know how to make you high alittle more intense is by smoking a cig after you toke but it doesnt last long and edibles last longer then smoking other then that idk

  3. Drink orange juice after you smoke, It makes in alittle more intense. (Not always and it seems like it dosnt work as well if you always do it) But its worth a try.

    OJ works best w/ shrooms or acid I hear also
  4. orange juice or mangos

    theres a proven study that says mangos will make ur high stronger and last for awhile
  5. ive always noyice the munchies kill my high
  6. No, there isn't. You actually want to do the opposite, and not eat after smoking. Eating ends the high quicker.
  7. actualy there is. try mango i really does work check it out.
  8. from what i hear citrus fruits help a bit but other than that eating before does nothing and eating after just sobers u up
  9. This is true. Especially when the mango is nearing the end of its ripe stage. Contains a chemical construct similar to one found in what you are smoking. It triggers activity in the brain so that when you start cheefin it hits you like a tonne of bricks.
  10. Heard the mango thing is lagit.

    I've also thought of chocolate, since it contains small traces of anandamide (THC relative found in the brain) and something that stops anandamide from metabolizing so fast (possibly slows THC metabolism to?)

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