Are There Any Stoner Girls Looking For Someone

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by metaldude94, May 23, 2013.

  1.  I know this isnt a dating site, but I'm desperate to find a girl to toke up with and connect with. So if any girls are interested in music and love getting stoned and watching cheech and chong then reply.

  2. If only it were this easy we'd all find love.
  3. what kind of music do you like doe? this is important  :smoke:
  4. I can be a girl for the right price
  5. Why would they hit you up... when I'm on here?
  6. I need a stoner girl that will smoke and just fuck and cuddle.
  7. I came to this thread to laugh, but instead it just made me cry....
  8. Why did it make you cry
  9. Lol copy, paste.......
  10. Lol copy, paste.......
  11. Lol copy, paste.......
  12. Hi btuh my namez beccy bruhh based god titties
  13. We need your location so we can find you the right match, metaldude.
    both of these are true for me as well hahaha. its not that simpe bro
  15. Don't we all? 
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    yo dawg, i hear you like pussy. well i got some fine pussy just for you, shes at my farm tending to her brood now. i have 45 pristine women all up for grabs, just name your dollar, we'll work somethin out and they'll be whatever you want em to be, big boy.
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    finally a thread where I will find true love
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    There are a lot of bladies that want a boyfriend like you. all you have to do is check out the lonely thread :):);)

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