Are There Any Small, Portable, Easy To Use Dry Herb Vapes Around $50-$150?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Sligtone, Jul 18, 2017.

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    I really like the Arizer Air for that type of thing. Here's the gist: The Arizer Air is the right vaporizer for you if you want something that's quality, but also affordable and portable. It's where those 3 things meet. There are some things certain people might not like, such as exact temperature control not being present in favor of 5 different heat settings. But overall it's an easy to use and affordable vaporizer.
    Here's some pictures:
  3. The Arizer Solo *(OG) is also available in that price range.
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  4. Yup. The Solo is a great vape but just isn't as pocket friendly as the Air.
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  5. I just got the solo 2 today, gonna try it later on but I also really wanted the Apollo Air vape just because it´s so pocket friendly. But unfortunately my wallet didn´t allow me to buy both so I decided to go for the one with best vapor quality.


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  6. I've had both the Arizer Air and Solo and they're both pretty great. The Air is smaller and looks nicer but the battery doesn't last add long.

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  7. How is the size chamber of the Arizer air or solo? I have the Kind Pen personal vape pen but the dry flower chamber is so small it only does one or two hits before refilling. I was looking for something portable, under $150 with a decent sized chamber.
  8. Both the Air and Solo have decent sized chambers. Google them and look at the images.
  9. It's about 1/2 inch diameter and 1/2 inch deep on the end of the glass mouthpiece. I usually run my Air on the second heat setting (no idea what the actual temp is) and it vapes for probably 20 minutes. I was surprised at how long it lasts. Sometimes I bump the heat up at the end to get the last little bit out of it but that doesn't taste very good.

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  10. Thanks Radioactive and Iwein for your advice I'll definitely be checking that vape out.
  11. Magic flight launch box. That's my personal rig and it has never failed me. If you scrounge up some extra batteries you could use with friends as well. Only downside is it's got a learning curb and you can get smoke instead of vapor if you use it wrong. Awesome customer service too.
  12. I would like to suggest the AirVape which is currently 20% off at (which gets right about your price).

    The VapeCritic has rated the AirVape the best under $200 vape.

    Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised when Vitolo agreed AirVape Vaporizer

    Most of the conversation with Vitolo is on page 6.

    In any event there is much more vape information on

    I have the same user name at both sites in case you want to ask me something directly.
  13. Xmax V2 Pro
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  14. Check out the Boundless CF - it has pretty huge chamber, perfroms great and costs 130$. It's a great one!
  15. I recently bought a Mig Vapor Sub Herb tank. I only used it once so far and it got me cooked. I will need to use it some more to give an honest review

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