Are there any "real" internet work at home type jobs?

Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, May 4, 2003.

  1. Or are they all pretty much scams? I'm looking for a job but there's jus not a lot of jobs that i can do during the week. Right now i work my "day" job on weekends but i want another job on the days i'm off, just cause i want to feel like i got somethin' to do instead of sit home, smoke weed, and play on the internet.

    I'd rather get a physical labor job, doing something rugged liked digging holes or something equally strenous and taxing, but if can make money doing some type of computer stuff then i'll do it for a while

    So, are there any "real" jobs?

  2. I hear their are some medical billing jobs that aren't scams, but you should be in landscaping if you like to dig holes and shit.
  3. Yeah but there's no landscaping around here, i live in the desert. I used to do landscaping, design, installation, and i used to farm trees. I liked it too.

    I'd like to get a job doing chain-gang type stuff, swingin a big hammer and breakin' rocks n shit, that would kick ass, cause i'll get all buff real quick.
  4. the work at home from your computer signs are a scam, its for this company called herbalife, i read a long exposé about it some time ago.
  5. do you have a local blacksmith.....sometimes in summer they get really busy with everyone doing up ther gardens.....and even structural work as well......sometimes they need labourers, on a weekly'll bulk up a lot lifting some H out......Sid
  6. why not try to write some articles for an online mag. you're a biker / skater right? it won't pay much, but then again it's not all that hard work. pick a field of interest, mail off some trial articles, and if they like your writing style, they'll publish it and future articles.

    i once wrote for a net / paper mag on computers. even managed to wrestle some travelling money out of them for covering computer-parties / conferences abroad :) sadly they went bust...

  7. hahahahaha.... what about choppin wood? I bet you'd make a kick-ass lumber jack!
  8. Next season I may try to become a smokejumper, and be one of those psychos who jump outta helicopters and parachute into forest fires. That looks like some fun shit. I can also get paid well and get my adrenaline fix at the same time.
  9. haha thats funny cus i just saw a infomercial for that "internet treasure chest" thingy! kewl! its a gimic though, obviously!

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