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Are there any indicators in the body...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Saiftey, May 28, 2010.

  1. Can show when your high and only when you're actually intoxicated. Is there any part of the body that can show this?

    Not blood shot eyes or munchies or cottonmouth though, is there anything that you can detect in the body that could just show you're presently high?

  2. FUCK!
    I was gonna say cottonmouth but I guess I could think of something else....

    Listen to any Hannah Montana song, if you find yourself actually kinda getting into it, then you my friend are high. :cool:
  3. Either this or a huge panic caused by filthy, filthy music. :smoking:
  4. I was told this by a narcotics officer once.

    When you're high on weed your tongue is slightly brown towards the back because of the smoke inhalation or something like that, but I'm unsure if that's just for weed or for anything smoked.

    If you look up, with your eyelids closed, your eyes will flutter. That's a sign of being high on marijuana!

    At least that's what a narcotics officer told me.
  5. I keep my shit cool, not walking around bragging about how stoned i am dood. nothing like that. But after I quit for a year and started toking up again. Everyone knew. id say the only sign I show would be body language.

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