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Are there any good bongs on Amazon?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Dezso3, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. I found a couple of pretty good looking bongs, but the prices seem too good to be true. Any recommendations?

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  2. I been looking over there for one as well I just wanted something simple made of PVC or plastic with an aluminum stem for the bowel but all I see are glass and silicon....
  3. pvc bong? bro... what you want is probably what is called a acrylic bong. search acrylic bong and you will find it.
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  4. If your gonna order online why use amazon? Better selection and prices if you order from a headshop.
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  5. Also why do you want a acrylic bong over a silicone one? silicone bong is far superior, and most of them now a days have the option or come with a glass bowl, so you're at 0 risk of inhaling any harmful fumes. acrylic bongs are in the past for a reason, none of the materials used are safe or good at all.
  6. Never had a silicone bong.... I can not have a glass one I have a few large dogs that play around and always knocking things off the table... just found Grasscity has an online shop didn't know that but Amazon just does not have anything that appeals to me, I'll take a look around Grasscity shop
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    I would recommend you steer clear of silicone and acrylic since heating plastic doesn't usually result in a very healthy smoke. Go for metal or glass smoking accessories, even some metals release fumes that are toxic when heated enough though so watch out for that.

    In my opinion glass offers the coolest and most flavorful smoke and is easy to clean. Also with acrylic and other bongs of the sort you most of the time cannot see into the chamber, it might get super dirty with time and grow mold if you don't change the water regularly. Although this can happen to any dirty bong, you probably won't notice it if you can't see it.

    If your dogs would break something large like a bong have you thought of a bubbler pipe? Easier to keep safe from dogs :)

    This is my all glass beloved
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  8. Salutations Dezso3,

    Euh... M'yeah. Why need a bong anyway??


    There's nothing missing in the scenario i chose. Why should yours be so different?...

    And expensive.


    Show me how you beat that, anyone.

    Good day, have fun!! :D
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  9. Just wanted to ask such question.
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  10. Salutations MarijayMade,

    Then here's my answer:


    It's Self-Moisturizing, no need to add water in any way! Much less water-wash delicate aroma/taste fragrances...

    Too bad it's never been duplicated, hence imagine peer-reviews! Though the truth is i just can't think of a ready-made product quite like it as that's belonging into a genuine niche of its own. So... What can i say more except it's:

    OKay to go!...

    Good day, have fun!! :D
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  11. Don't think so. I've used thickassglass for my last couple glass purchases and they're as easy to use as amazon and I believe they have free shipping
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  12. My Amazon bong great quality piece 20180315_211929.jpg 20180315_211943.jpg
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  13. Just a follow up... after looking around for a couple weeks and finding anything I liked I went to Grasscity shop and found what I was looking for something simple and could fall over or on the floor and not break. I put the order in Mar 6th and I just got an email notice it is here, out for delivery. It came from Spain so 2 weeks is not to bad. I would buy from them again.
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  14. Try and google it, I believe there are a couple of them there that could suit your vaping appetite

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