Are there any drawbacks to using feminized seeds?

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  1. Other than the cost and the smaller selection of strains available?

    For my next grow I plan on doing a ScroG.

    My Idea was that for my first grow I would use feminized seeds, so I can speed things up a bit, then for my second and subsequent grows, using regular seed, temporarily flowering to determine sex, then choosing a mother to take clones from, Or shoul i just go feminized all the way? Even when I plan on cloning?
  2. Go with the feminized. Especially with Scrog, you wont be putting the plant under much stress.

    Edit: Make sure they are from a reputable breeder.
  3. I've done Fem seeds both times I've grown name brand strains. Barney's Farm G13 Haze and G13 Labs Durban Poison grew into spectacular plants and subsequent buds. I just germinated two Greenhouse Seeds Super Lemon Haze and one G13 Labs Quicksilver. The Quicksilver sprouted and appears to be progressing fine. The two Greenhouse seeds have so far been unsuccessful. I'm frustrated to the point that I doubt I'll support them in the future and will spread the word that Arjun's seeds are bullshit in my experience.
  4. Buy feminized seeds, you get enough seeds for one grow.
    Buy regular seeds and you can have seeds for life.

    or at least thats how I see it.

    and I know some smart ass is going to bring up they move across country well ?
  5. Femmed are easier going, but I gotta say both. work your crop right, and males shouldnt be a problem, and why pay for seeds EVER again? A seed keeps for years, a clone must be put on life support...
  6. I've had a good experience with fem so far.
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    I am secure enough to know that the things I know, I know stone cold, and the things I don't at this point I have little hope of learning. ;) Sexing plants I don't know, so I need all the help I can get! :D I only buy fem'd seeds, so my stupidity/ignorance doesn't cost me anything. There are a lot of great strains available, and what's a few dollars if you blow a crop of lose a month? I have Strawberry cough, Lemon Amnesia haze and White Widow cooking now, can't complain about those strains brother.

    Go 'only fem' for seeds is my vote; no downsides worth considering in the long run :smoking:
  8. I've heard that feminized seeds have a bigger chance of being hermphrodites:eek:....and unlike with regular seeds, where you are expecting some of the plants to be male, and need to kill... with hermies, you might not know until your 1 month or less away from harvest, and you've wasted 4-5 months just to get a bunch of no good seeds....and as others have said, not as big a strain selection.
  9. i have used all femmed and always gotten female but i think it all depends on who you buy from, some breeders feminized are better then others. for the bad rap G13 has all my G13 were good females.

  10. Yeah, but I just got ten out of ten from my fem Super Lemon Hazes. Eight out of ten GHS White Widow fems germinated too.
    From his sales pitch videos, that Arjan guy wouldn't be be the first person I'd buy anything from. Mine germinated pretty well, and I am hoping the potency lives up to the hype.
  11. Both. I do outdoor grows so sometimes I'd like a male around to give me free seeds for the next year.
  12. That's true; if I did outdoor I'd want one high quality male plant just to make more seeds with.
  13. hey Holmer K
    I just got 1 free Quicksilver auto. from :)Attitude!! they rock.
    what kind of light schedule do you use.
    I know some require 20 hour of lights.
    really want germ it soon as posible.:smoke::smoke:
  14. The only people who keep repeating this are the people who have heard it from yet other people, none of whom have actually experienced it. You don't hear about femmed seeds turning hermie from people who actually use femmed seeds. And that's because the hermie thing is a myth.

    Like all myths it is based on some truth...yes, crude attempts at creating femmed seeds can produce seeds that tend to hermie. But the reputable breeders know this and take great care to stabilize their lines before selling them. It depends on the strain(s) used and conditions in their feminizing process. The result is seeds that have no more tendency to hermie than "regular" seeds. I used femmed seeds and have never had a hermie from them.
  15. I'm 0/4 right now. None of them have sprouted. Out of the two replacements I germed, one popped but hasn't sprouted yet and the other hasn't even popped after two days in the moist environment. I know it's not my methods, as I've had nothing but success in the past. Hell, the free quicksilver I got is sprouted and going strong. I think I got a terrible batch of seeds. Right now I feel like I could have just flushed my money down the toilet.
  16. I went 100% with germinanting from GHS.

    Arjan is the king...
  17. I think one drawback seems to be that feminized seeds are more expensive.

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