Are them balls hermie?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by MaryJaneCy, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. Can't tell with those pics - need a close up with better lighting.
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  2. All I'm seeing is dried up primordial female preflowers.
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  3. I think I saw a couple of swollen calyxes... well, one....
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  4. some old calyxes a bit brown at bottom of main stem ,,cant see any ball sacs ,,mac,
  5. From those "not so great" pictures.......for THIS scenario.

    Good lookin plant though
  6. IMG_9502.JPG IMG_9497.JPG IMG_9491.JPG
    Moved it up a hill as i got threatened with police by neighbour, a lot of yellow leafs supported it with some rocks on the stem

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  7. At least they had the courtesy to "threaten you" with the cops instead of just calling em......I'm guessing this neighbor is older?
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  8. ye 60 year old man. He actually did send police over but thankfully they never went in my garden and just asked my mum if ive been throwing eggs at his houses. Obviously not, I have better things to do then throw eggs especiallt with a growing operation in my garden where i could go to jail lol. But ye the cops came over about a eeek ago and asked my mum if i did they had no evidence so just aske dif we see anyrhing to tell them i know who it isanyway its some kids he shoutd at for playint football outside his house.

    But ye

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  9. We only got worried when he shouted to my mum i hope ur proud of ur son who is doing dugs my mum just said clear the big plant put it somewhere else

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  10. Wow, what a d*ck! He has nothing better to do with his senior years than call the cops and make up stuff to try to get you in trouble. OBVIOUSLY you wouldn't be drawing attention to yourself.

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