Are the going to survive?

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    So I use Remo nutrients, and my roommate grows out back, but I was gone for a week and he overwatered one day with nutrient water, so this nutrient burn? And if so what kind?!?

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  2. New growth looks healthy let it dry out and not sure what soil your in but that plant is way to young to be giving nutrients too. also i would add some soil to the top maybe something with worm castings in it that bottom part of your man stalk looks extremley skinny need to get a fan blowing on it to strengthen and build it up.
  3. Yea I noticed the nodes look beautiful, I'm using miracle grow soil that you can't over water or underwater, I know many people say not to use it but my dad does and it works amazing on his outdoor garden,

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  4. I have a fan blowing air around the fan his the plant like a contestant slight breeze all the time should I turn it up more, or point it directly at my canopy, that one is also been there since the end of June

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    This is my setup as of now it's a 4 by 4foot rectangle 9 foot tall

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  6. Ok here is some advice if you plan on doing this wonderful hobby, one get some good soil miracle grow is not good at all in my opinion for growing cannabis, get some FoxFarm ocean forest or Happy Frog or promix, always add 1/3 perlite to that soil so that it drains well. Second you are starting your seedlings in way to large of pots, in that picture you need those seedlings in a solo cup and the ones in the great big phelt pots need to be in the smaller pots, as your plants begin to flourish transplant them up into bigger pots right now they are spending all there energy trying to fill that soil with roots. Third get an oscilatting fan and yes have them blow across the canopy but be sure its oscilating so that the wind comes and goes every few seconds.
    check out my chocolate cream grow journal, i start in solo cups once i see lots of root growth they go into 5 gal smart pots and they stay in that pot until about 50 days of veg, then they go into 10gal smart pots for the rest of there life. My next grow of Clones will be all in 5 gal pots through flower but not gonna veg them as long as i normally do as im starting a perpetual grow.
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  7. agreed Dude stole ALL the words I was gonna text

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    Been putting regular 7.0 water in it and looks worse just might pull it and star over?

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  9. Next grow, going with miracle grow again? This is the reason why people's suggest using other soil. Sorry man. Most grows I see with MG have nute burn. Some grow out of it eventually, some end up like this. Time released nutes in the soil, not a good thing.
  10. What they said above PLUS your WATERING PH needs to be between 6.2-6.8!
    Looks like your lighting is either too week, or too far away or both..
  11. so, you have had some good lads step up with some advice.
    Here is some truth:
    There is a section for beginners. There is a search option for all archives. There is a vast collection of literature on cannabis cultivation.
    I have only just joined, after years of just friggin searching the archives. Run into a question? Search bar. Issues or emergency? Search bar. Free access to all non members. I just couldn't reply to you guys who are flooding these forums with the same endless questions.
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