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Are THC molecules polar?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by popsaregood230, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. I'm just wondering. It's known that bong water will hold a tiny amount of THC, so if the THC molecules are polar would they not stick to themselves? Much like the way water is cohesive?

    I know it still wouldn't matter all that much, but if this is true... changing your bong water after every hit would conserve the most THC, correct?
  2. It would be a negligable difference.

    And no, they're nonpolar.
  3. Agreed. It would indeed be negligible difference. Makoe is also correct in that THC molecules are non polar
  4. thats an interesting question . My guess is they most likely would stick to each other in the bong water, a lot like how they stick together when u make hash. So I guess changing the water after every hit would be the most efficient way. But were really talking bout tiny amounts of thc, its not really gonna make a difference since the amount of thc water takes out is already really small. And to me the fact that the water takes out some thc means its also taking out a lot of other shit that prolly not good for u. O btw do u smoke poppers? like with tobacco ? i was just wondering cuz of your name, we love that shit up in ontario
  5. lol no, I like popsicles.

    I know it doesn't really matter at all, but I'm just a curious person.
  6. the THC particles do stick together
    hence, resin buildup
    changing your bong water out every hit would kill about as much high as it saved hahaha
  7. made my day hahaha

  8. haha true, i didnt think an american would smoke poppers. but popsicles definitelys are good
  9. Delta-9-thc is polar, but not highly. it is a completely asymmetrical molecule. Simple linear molecules such as carbon dioxide are nonpolar, as there is no uneven distribution of electonegativity at either end of the molecule. This is why thc is fat soluble and not water soluble: lipids are very polar molecules, and compounds will only dissolve in solvents of the same polarity. If thc was nonpolar, it would dissolve in water because water is nonpolar... and we would make thc extracts with water instead of butter.
  10. No. water is polar.
  11. i stand corrected.
  12. The only reason that THC gets in bong water is because some of the THC vapor gets cooled enough to change back into a solid while it's going through the water, not because of how polar it may or may not be.
  13. This thread is very interesting.


    Anyone want some Popsicles?
  14. The THC molecule is nonpolar EXCEPT for the lone OH group which is polar. This is why THC has a very low solubility in water. 2.8 g/L or something like that.

  15. I totally do.
  16. This.

    If THC were polar it would mean it'd be fully soluble in water, which would pretty much suck for us that enjoy bongs, bubblers, etc. Though you could also make straight weed tea, that'd be legit. Early Grey Kush, so on.

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