Are stoner women into motorcycles poll.

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  1. I ride because I love to ride not to pick up women. I'm curious are women really into bikes or do men just like to think that?
  2. hell yes
    I know for sure that I would rather have a sexy motorcycle than a regular boring assed car
  3. Sexy guy+sexy bike+hopefully tattos=may I come for a ride with you mmhmm?
    Lol but seriously, yeah I find it hot. Id love to ride on a bike with/someone just seems dangerous, I like dangerous things, they are fun.
    Edit : id really like to ride a bike and own one of my own someday. But my boyfriend thinks they're too dangerous...whatever lol I'm of course going to do it anyway :D
  4. I have ALWAYS wanted to learn how to ride one :( It seems so liberating.

    To me it's extremely sexy.
  5. I usta ride with my bf all the time, we're still friends tho so I can still ride :D I lovee bikes.
  6. No. Sorry, but I'm not really a fan. I don't think they're dangerous or annoying, but my first impression of guys who ride motorcycles is that they're really into themselves and have wrong priorities.

    Now, if I met a guy who I was attracted and we hit it off and I only found out he had a motorcycle after we'd gotten to know each other at least a little, then yeah, it can be a turn on. On a random guy = turn off; On a down-to-earth guy I already like = turn on
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    i really dont know what to say to this.
    you make no sense to me.
    but luckily i ride and will never (hopefully) have to deal with you.

    and fyi riding motorcycles is dangerous. all it takes is another motorist or a mechanical failure and you are in the trauma room... doesn't matter your skill level. even tho that helps a lot....

    it sounds like you know nothing about riding.. only the fake ones who do it for the wrong reasons... that cant even ride.

    i ride because i love it. i love adrenaline and always have. i have been riding dirt bikes since i was 9 years old. and sport bikes since i was 20. im 23 and will ride forever. god him self could tell me im going to die the next time i ride and im still going to ride.

    i cant even describe the feelings i get when i ride, and i dont care if you like it or not even tho 90% of girls do and its actually quite annoying when they always want to go for a ride.. none of my bikes are designed for 2 riders.. maybe when i get my harley i wont mind but i rather see a girl who rides her own bike.. now thats hot... especially when she understands what it is to be a rider.

    you don't know me.

    edit: this was longer then expected but oh well =]
  8. motorcycles are cool, but im also no stoner woman
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    I imagine the feeling you get when you ride is like whag I get when I've surfed, skiied back country, or rafted though class 5 rapids (eek! Lol)
    Its great when you all freaked out and then you're doing it and you're blood is pumping and you feel so alive and free...:D
    I really want to ride but my whole family is agaisnt it, my dad used to until he got in an accident and knocked out all his teeth, we also know someone that boyfriend is convinced he would leave me if I got a motorcycle lolz. I know that its dangerous...but that's like the appeal to me. I wouldn't be one of those people that darts in and out of cars, or is totally dumb about it. I'm not trying to die lol, but id really like to try it. My uncle had a harley but sold it (he offered to take me for a ride but I was like 12 so I was too scared lol, if he asked me now id do it..but I can't).oh well :( someday when I have more money...I can get my own bike ^.^

  10. Best feeling in the world I've experienced. I've actually only had two women ever ask me for a ride on my bike. I'd have to agree, I'd much rather date a woman that wants to ride themselves. Unfortunately women that ride are more rare than women who toke.
  11. hmm maybe you should leave him then :rolleyes:

    if you do get a bike id recommend starting out on a dirt bike (off road away from cars)
    its way safer to learn on and teaches you a lot more about riding, what to do and what not to do.

    if you can learn to ride dirt learning to ride street will be easy.

    oh and get your safety gear before your bike :smoke:

  12. True story. Wish I had learned to ride dirt first
  13. Haha he is just concerned about me, he doesn't want me to get hurt and if i did i'm sure he would blame himself.
    yeah i was thinking that anyway(dirt bike). i also promised my dad long ago if i ever wanted to ride that i would take a safety/driving class type of thing. i dont see the harm, it is dangerous and its definitely good to be prepared before you do anything dangerous. There's a difference between taking a risk, and just being plain stupid. I'm sure my family would be pissed...but im almost 20. When im with them i follow all the rules, and im really respectful, but no one is going to dictate my life for me.:metal:
  14. yes a rider safety course is a good idea.

    and theirs really no reason to worry.. you could die tomorrow and never know what its like to get on a bike or you could go get on a bike tomorrow and that decision might make it so that bus didnt hit you..:smoke:

    the thing about life is no one gets out alive.

    and you never know what tomorrow brings. :rolleyes:
  15. lol the last poll option.
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    Haha well you can tell my boyfriend that lolz. He seems to think I'm going to die or be badly injured if I get on one. But I'm with you, and I want to try everything there is to try. I just want my life to be full of experiances...(especially the thrilling ones!)
  17. its not really my place lol and i dont know your boyfriend :wave:
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    Haha awww its ok. He's going to have to deal with it lol.
  19. Hell yes....lllooove going fast....been on a Harley with a guy named Snake.....and an as shit!
  20. My wife doesn't mind me riding because she knows how much I love it but she doesn't ride with me and that's perfectly fine. I prefer to ride alone anyways. A lot of girls who are into it aren't really into motorcycles as much as they are into bikers. Not all, but a lot.

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