are spiders a problem?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BONGHOOT, May 16, 2006.

  1. hey there, im growing in my bedroom closet (still living with parents but they know about it and everything is cool) but i have noticed since ive moved into this house that in my room (and mine only..its quite strange) that i get a fair amount of spiders in here..icant tell you why because i ahve no clue myself. but i bring this question up because i found a spider under the flooring yesterday when i was routing the wires for my new fan inside my growcloset. anyways im woundering what threat that spiders pose if any at all? also if its going to damage the plants at all how can i get rid of them.

    ps..its not like theres millions but the i do find the odd one once and a while
  2. Spiders are great dude!

    Spiders hunt a lot, maybe even all, small insects that can hurt your plant.
    I've cleaned a houseplant from mites with spiders once.

  3. i guess its a good thing i was to burnt out to try and kill him. i fiqured it would kill other things but wasnt sure if it would do anything harmful to the plant
  4. spiders are your best friends when growing. just make sure you don't confuse the webs of spider mites for spiders. spider mites will destroy an entire crop in very little time.
  5. Yeah make sure you get those big ones : with hairs on it!:D
  6. spiders = good! spidermites = bad!

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