Are Sockets Safe To Use as Bowls?

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  1. I wanted to clean the bacteria off my socket that I was using for a home bong and there were burn marks. Does that mean anything? Aren't you breathing in the burnt metal/copper/brass or whatever material it is?
  2. It's probably burnt grease from the machining process.

  3. I'm sorry, I meant I put a lighter to it and smoke came off and there were burn marks on it afterwards.

  4. Did you clean it well before you started using it?

    Even a glass bowl will leave burn marks and look like it's smoking if you hold a lighter up to it for long enough. I wouldn't worry about it unless you didn't clean the socket first and there's still mystery residue on it.
  5. I know, you burned the grease.
  6. I used one for the longest time, so if it's not i'm fucked. But I think it's relatively safe, no reason to not think so.
  7. Maybe that's why colors look funny ?

  8. Almost all sockets are made out of stainless steel, which (as long as it's clean,) you'll be fine with.

    However, there are some with other metals like brass or chrome in them. While brass is generally considered safe, chrome can have some very nasty effects on the respiratory system all the way up to perforations in your septum and pneumonia from chronic exposure.

    Basically, it'd almost certainly be fine to use but if you've got really any other option, I'd go with that. Getting high is not worth gambling your health, no matter how small of a gamble it may be.
  9. The grease that could be on them is a reason to think so.

  10. I buy them fresh and clean it out them out very well every week.

  11. Given Meursault's post, do you know what kind of metal they are made of?

    If you buy them fresh, I'm sure it would tell you somewhere whether they're stainless steel or chrome or whatever else.
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    I had to keep the lighter on it for a significant amount of time, at least 5 seconds for burn marks to show up. I cleaned it up a bit with rubbing alchol, q tips, water and soap. I burned it again and smoke came out after about 10 seconds.

    Any more info you guys have?

    EDIT: Just saw Muersalt's post. I think it's best just to A. wait until I get can a real bong or B. find a bowl made out of glass.

  13. Like I said, that'll happen with glass too.

    I literally just picked up the glass pipe next to me and held my lighter on the front of it. Smoke appeared after about a second, and a burn mark appeared after a few seconds.

    That won't tell you much. :confused_2:

  14. I think you may just be seeing carbon build up from the flame. :p
  15. Lighters can leave a black carbon soot.

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