are slow release nutes a no-go?

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  1. If I have soil w slow release nutes can I still use it for growing? There not very powerful I don't think
  2. Also any ideas if scrogging in a pc is a good idea?
  3. They're not so great. You want to be controlling the levels of N P and K directly not having some soil that's not for growing weed do it. Also idk about flushing it before harvesting. Like if there would still be nutes in the soil that would continue to release and make the bud taste shitty.

    So no don't use slow release preferably.
  4. scrog is a good idea.. time release nutes are no good. tiger bloom put it well.
  5. it will work, but its not ideal. the better equiptment, the better the weed. (if grown right)
  6. Time-released ferts might work, but they also have a tendency to burn and kill MJ, especially young sprouts.
  7. What if I use the soil from a previous plant that maybe sucked the nutes up? Im only clinging to the idea because its expensive soil and I have a lot of it...
  8. I have it on the deck, I post the details tomorrow.
  9. I use slow release because I am cheap. They worked good for me. No discernable taste with the finished product, just be sure to slow dry (hanging up) and cure atleast 4-6 days minimum. (thats what I did, ended up great)

    Ive re-used soil that I used in a previous crop that had slow release nutes in it. Flowered one crop, kept one female that I harvested, put her back into veg. a month later shes 5x the size and flowering again. I have not seen any issues with using slow release. Granted no you cannot control the NPK much at all, then again its almost hard to nute burn a plant unless your completely careless.

    Id say no go on scrogging in a PC box, you need some more space. Heck I used to PC grow, Id never suggest it. Yields are too small for time and work invested. You could use a speaker box almost twice the size and still not get much. Unless its personal use and you dont smoke much.

    Get the biggest growing space you can :)
  10. there you go. the professionals have said it is fine. i am new. i have only been growing for years. i have only tried every freakin' soil known to man cheap and expensive. don't listen to me when i say that slow release nutes are not the way to go. the one or two success stories should seriously outweigh hundreds of horror stories and failed plants due to severe nute burn from time release nutes. good luck.

    **warning* the good dank i grow can cause severe sarcasm*

  11. this. just go get some foxfarm from your local grow store.
  12. [quote name='"MaineCronic"']

    this. just go get some foxfarm from your local grow store.[/quote]

    How much would this stuff cost?
  13. 15 dollars for 15gal at my grow shop
  14. [quote name='"MaineCronic"']

    15 dollars for 15gal at my grow shop[/quote]

    Uhhhh is there smaller portions? I mean I am only having a stealth pc grow. I don't exactly want a ton of dirt around, kinda sketchhy
  15. then get foxfarms happy frog, i think its like 3-4 gal worth in a bag
  16. [quote name='"MaineCronic"']then get foxfarms happy frog, i think its like 3-4 gal worth in a bag[/quote]

    Epic! Thanks much ill be sure to +rep when I get on a computer.

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