Are side chutes the eventual bud sites?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by AZGREENery, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. This side chutes is this biggest one, it's like a foot high lol

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  2. That one will be a little popcorn nug on top
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  3. The whole plant will grow bud. They'll be at all of the nodes that get enough light. Your plant looks like it could use more leaves, and probably more light.
  4. Why it has several leaves

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  5. It had a bunch but I just pruned these past few days because the leaves were either dead or had mites.. all of which you see is all secondary growth mainly.. there's like 8 fan leaves barely.. older ones from day one were finally looking old and and what not so I took an off so energy and such can go to newer growth and healthier leaves.
  6. These are how the side chutes look on the plant, there's about 12 of these main ones and has small leaves growing off them now

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  7. Have you ever tried pinching / fimming / topping??
  8. Yea

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  9. I was just idly curious why you don't have more branching.
  10. I took them off, the fan leaves that is.. but I didn't slide my go get down the stem so the did chutes are probably still gonna grow out into little bud sites lol.. but it's crazy, I topped once.. but those other 2 branches grew out like that on its own?

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