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are seeds legal in states like alabama

Discussion in 'Legalization and Activism' started by Jordan1969, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. My questions: is it legal to possess marijuana seeds? Is it legal to receive them in the mail. Specifically, in Alabama?

    I emailed NORML.org a few hours ago but have received no response.
  2. No, Illegal across the board in the US
  3. Do you have a source to cite for that information? I've received several answers on another forum, several different answers that is, but have yet to find anything definitive.
  4. I'm not saying you couldn't get away with it. There are plenty of sites that will sell seeds to the U.S. because they don't check the laws by country and ship them indiscriminately. I'm quite sure its not legal but I dont think anything would happen even if the seeds were found, probably just confiscated. Its always a good idea to ship to a different address than the grow spot if you do decide to.
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    Cannabis seeds are not legal to aquire to the USA by mail or plant into the soil, but what can they really do about those 2 anyway, eh?!

    My handful of cannabis ruderaLis seeds are novelty items for storage.


  6. yeah,buy smoking weed is illegal too and i'm pretty sure you don't give a damn about that law either,if your thinking that your going to be put in jail JUST for ordering seeds online?? then stop tripping out,nothing will happen,but if the cops stop by your house and those seeds are germinated and are in a pot and have a light over it,then that's a different story.
  7. Ah, but still nothing definitive. NORML hasn't replied to my email yet. I realize this question has probably been asked and answered a million times.
  8. oh, and I love weednotcrack's angry rant. The name says it all I suppose. No one asked about jail. My question was merely about the legality of seed possession, specifically receiving them through the mail in a state where marijuana is illegal. That's all.

    Informed replies only please.
  9. I am fairly certain you can get a possession charge solely for having one seed in 'Bama.

  10. ^^^ I agree with that but you better have a good reason to check me, is what i would say.

    [note to self: cancel my move to alabama]

  11. Pretty sure you are talking about shipping? That definitely would be a Federal offense!! So that changes everything. That states that have medical MJ not too sure how they would treat possesion of seeds for a legal card carrier or caregiver. Pretty sure that is based on quantity.

    Actually an interesting spin is coming when the Feds go up against a truly legal caregiver or MJ carrier. Pretty sure they dont want to spend the resources. This whole thing is a huge political hot potatoe. I thought Obama was going to help but of coarse what the man says versus does is a HUGE difference. Lets face it, it is a matter of time. Every state govt right now needs new taxes and health care will only make that worse. So guess what it will get legalized for the taxes first in CA, OR, WA and who knows where else. Then from there who knows.
  12. Illegal in every state across the board, thanks to the federal statute (unless it's sterilized for bird seed):

  13. Ive been prosecuted for seeds in NC.

    Received the minimum charge of 1/2 ounce or less.

    Definitely illegal.

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