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Are screens bad for you?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 84t0y, May 5, 2011.

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    so everyone knows not to smoke out of aluminum. but what about metal screens? i searched but didnt find anything.

    edit. Ive been using screens from a headshop. but they are like the same thing you would find in a kitchen faucet.
  2. they're made for bowls so I doubt they are bad for you, aslong as you are using ones from your local headshop. Any other metal that is used as a screen is your call i can't guarantee that it's bad for you
  3. As long as the metal doesn't get to a temperature where it starts to emit vapors or start to oxidize and form potentially harmful byproducts you're safe. The heat from lighters and burning weed aren't hot enough to do this, and I trust that the screen companies don't use potentially harmful metals. If you're really worried about metals you can get a glass screen.

    Also, there's nothing wrong with smoking out of aluminum. Lighters aren't hot enough to cause vaporization, and the foil isn't even exposed to enough heat for long enough in the process of smoking to cause melting (which in this case means not even making the foil softer, much less liquid consistency). Anyway, the link between aluminum and Alzheimer's has not been conclusively proven in the first place. The link below has good information.

    The Alzheimer's Society - Aluminium and Alzheimer's disease - Alzheimer's Society
    "There is circumstantial evidence linking this metal with Alzheimer's disease, but no causal relationship has yet been proved. As evidence for other causes continues to grow, a possible link with aluminium seems increasingly unlikely."
  4. yea its real bad for you i hear smoking outta metal turns you into a homosexual

  5. thanks for the info

  6. my dick
  7. it melts real easy with ur lighter on it dont be a dumhole dude dont smoke alluminum foil... seriously

    screens from ur window normally are fine and from head shops.. :smoke:
  8. You can get glass "screens" (they look like jacks). They are reusable and have no grey area as to how "safe" they are...
  9. I smoke out of aluminum foil all the time.

    Thats right, I dont give a FUCK.

    If youre going to tell me how terrible that is, read above sentence..
  10. #10 bakedpotato777, May 5, 2011
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    Dude ur breathing melted aluminum into ur lungs like ashed metal I'm pretty sure its not good to have a bunch of ashy metal particles inside you...

  11. You do realize that you aren't breathing melted aluminum into your lungs, right?

    Its the stuff used to treat the aluminum that is entering your lungs and fucking shit up.
  12. Dude look it up aluminum foil is 92 to 99 percent aluminum grab a peice and light it watch it'll melt and curl

    SCREENS FROM windows are not fine to smoke! That is completely harmful!
  14. Some window screens are okay some aren't jus calm down

  15. The way you type turns me onnnn boiiiii
  16. I dont melt the aluminum foil, that would completely negate the point of using it as a screen/pipe.

    It takes a while for it to melt from a regular lighter flame..
  17. Ur weed can get pretty hot burning in like if you cherry it it could be hot enough
  18. Like it wouldn't be bad if u used the aluminum for like one hit... Maybe idk but it'd be better with a screen from a head shop
  19. spend the 5 cents and get a screen.......

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