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Are scales worth the money?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ohchit, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Im not a dealer i just wanna know if theyre worth it i mean i trust my hookups both of them have actually been close friends for years but aside from that any benefits? Would it conserve bud?
  2. Since you can get some for 10 bucks on amazon i would say yes its worth it..a gram short would pay for them
  3. It won't conserve bud unless YOU CONSERVE it yourself. Scale out x amount of bud and only allow yourself that much for the day.

    It will also keep you from being ripped off, which in turn will pay for itself.

  4. If you need to weigh something up to 500g's and have no means to currently, then yes a scale would be an excellent investment.
  5. Yeah man, they're cheap as fuck
  6. Haha alright
  7. Get one definitely, just don't bring it out with you. If caught with one it becomes intent to distribute.

    Get a postal scale and have a sticker that says something like for postal use haha I dunno

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  8. well its settled then. The wedding will be in a month.

    wait, where am i?

  9. ^^^^

    keep it at home
  10. Yeah definitely should. Local headshop will carry one for like 10 dollars too.
  11. Yeah i know not to bring it on me
  12. Yes, it will pay for itself.
  13. Gettin ripped off worth it?

  14. I would rather get shorted 1.2 for a g then waste 10$ to buy a scale...ha

  15. So you'd rather get shorted up to 1.2g's multiple times, than "waste" $10?

  16. You just cant trust a its not like a calculator

  17. Lol, if you calibrate it and test it every time you use it (like i do), then it becomes trustworthy. Just weigh something that you know the exact weight of to test it. :smoking:
  18. #18 GrapeDutchh, Jan 5, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 5, 2013
    nickle should be 5.0 and dollar bill should be 1.0

    No need too check it all the time. Unless u keep it in ur back pocket an sit on it all day lmao.

  19. I can play games on my graphing dont see a 10$ scale doing that now do you?

  20. Nickle is 5 grams.

    But I keep mine in a bag cause I don't always have the option to weigh everything at home, or if I need to bring it to a friends. I only check it after I go somewhere and it's been in my bag.

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