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Are sativas hard to find/grow?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DreamsFlyHigh, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. For some reason, everyone seems to be really interested in indicas or it just seems to be everywhere. Personally, I like sativas, but I can hardly ever find it. Is it rare or something? or just generally unwanted? :confused:
  2. i got some heavy sativa medical right now

    shit is real
  3. I believe indica plants generally don't grow as tall as sativa plants, and they grow a bit faster. So they might bit better suited for illegal indoor grows.
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    Thats weird bro I've heard that most weed grown and sold is Sativa and Indicas only make up a small portion. I know everywhere around me is 99% sativa, you never get an Indica unless someone is selling it specifically and there aren't a lot of people doing that. Maybe you just need new hookups? I mean, if you can get reg or mids that will almost always be sativa.
  5. I grow indica and I grow sativa, sativas grow nice and lengthy, whereas indicas grow like bushes, very short bushy plants. We can get into hybrids, and how some strains have both indica traits and sativa traits....not many 100% pure indicas or sativas around anymore, maybe some clones out there.
  6. I'm pretty sure it works the opposite. Obviously not where you live (lucky sob) but indica grows faster than sativa so if you buy from dealers then most likely they'll grow indica. Why spend the extra few weeks growing taller plants?

    But yeah OP sativa should be a little more rare for these reasons. Unless you got bomb connects or coffee shops to buy from. Bear in mind most would probably be hybrids of some sort anyway.

    Sativa > indica definitely but I would never say no to good weed.
  7. Sativas usually yield lower, longer flower time, Although 90% of what I get is a good hybrid of the two.
  8. east coast is filthy with indica, to find a good pure sativa is a treat, maybe once a month if your lucky. But once you find that, make sure you grab a quap :D
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    Usually what goes around in the streets from what I can gather is hybrids. Around here it's all hybrids as well, sativas are around but not as prominent, and you are lucky if you can find indicas. Indicas are a lot easier to get away with illegally growing though
  10. sativa dominants have a longer flowering time and usually a lower yield than indica dominants. Plus sativas grow tall and lanky making them less suitable for indoor grows.
  11. Sativas on the black market tend to be more uncommon because they have a longer flowering period and tend to appeal to outdoor growth more than indoors. An indica dominant hybrid will tend to flower in 8 weeks and produce a bushy stout plant compared to sativa dominant hybrids tending to be much branchier and lanky. They can also take from 8 weeks to 12 and for some really powerful sativas I've seen up to 16 weeks flowering. The buds and yield won't be the same either, rock hard dense buds are usually from indica dominant strains, while airier and more slender buds are usually more on the sativa end.



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