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Are Regs just not hittn the spot anymore?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by azgortha, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Man... i tell ya i cant smoke regs for shit and get any kind of high...and the medical stuff is so expensive, but at the same time worth it is there any thing i can do to make the regs bettter?:mad:
  2. Tolerance break.
  3. dude it might sound strange its kind ov hard for me to not smoke:confused:
  4. ive had the same thing but id get a decent buzz but when i tried to refresh the high it didnt really work that well so i switched to a bit more expensive bud and now i get BAKED
  5. Yea get the dankest shit u can find, don't smoke for a week, pretend u have a drug test coming up and exercise and drink alotta water after that week smoke the dank and ull be there
  6. Regs is shitty. Thats your problem.
  7. Get a mad pile of keif going if its even possible from regs and start sprinkling that on your bowls/ in joints or what have you.. Otherwise manage your money better and buy medical grade goods.
  8. Exactly. You have two options. Either buy better weed, or take a tolerance break so your shitty weed will have effect once again.
  9. You've developed extreme permanent cannabis tolerance and you're never going to get high again. Modeling glue is pretty good shit to huff check it out.
  10. Yeah if yar geting mexican reggie...its pretty shitty last sak
    was the worst in a long time...

    Time to think about growing yar own:wave:
  11. yea i think i should buy better shit i mean i love the green:smoke:
  12. I was like that when I first started buying my own weed, mostly because I didn't know where to get the good shit, like kush and haze. but, anyway, you develope a tolerance after awhile 'cause of the shitty THC levels, and the fact that its just shit.
  13. You guys are idiots. Mids, which is what I assume is meant by regs, aren't shit. Schwag is shit. That's the whole point. It's mid-grade. Stop sitting on some sort of high and mighty weed throne talking down to all those who don't smoke as good of weed as you. :rolleyes:
  14. Before you go on your trolling li'l way. I wasn't 'getting on a throne and being all high and mighty'. I was simply stating I get a completely different supply now than I did a few months back. In which case, some people call anything that isn't dank, shit, not worth buyin etc etc. And I just happen to call anything thats less than what I usually buy shit.
  15. Don't buy regs anymore. Buy dank and conserve

  16. Yea, i'm a troll. u caught me bro!!! And you say that anything less than what you buy is shit, so yes, that's being high and mighty.
  17. I think they are talking about reggie....atleast thats how i intupret to be.

    Reggie here IS mexican scwagg.....Mids are MIDS...

  18. k, so me calling what alot of others call it shit as well?

    God damn then. Looks like there's a lot of high and mighty tokers out there!

    Whatever bro, just go on with your life, have fun and happy blazing:smoke:

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