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are really bushy plants healthy?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by slidesquad, Apr 23, 2010.

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    hey im growing my plants under 600w hps there 27 days old from clones i almost killed them trying hydro set up and transferd them to dirt one leafe looks like nute burn in the pic but its only one leaf my question is my plants are as wide as tall is this normal its purple urkle allot of foliage and short spaced nodes is this good or bad haha i was hoiping they would get taller a few of my leaves are tring to like spiral slightly i guess u would say plz help :)


  2. ...maybe just experience'n shock. Give them a few days, see if they bounce back. How long has it been since the transplant?
  3. its been about 20 days they are growing great but there rally wide lol they grow about a set of new leaves every day to every other day right now
  4. ...I see your growing outdoors, you should be fine. Indoor growing on the other hand sometimes requires a little pruin'n (clip'n fan leaves) to get light to the bottom of the canopy. The sun should have you cover'd :smoking:
  5. no its in doors i took them out side for there glamorous photo shoot haha so i should trim it? what leaves? the big water leaves?
  6. ...remove'n the fan leaves is something that some growers wouldn't dare do...however, indoors...especially if your bulbs are positions horziontally, the light only penetrates your canopy soooo deep. I grow with 600 HPS, and I lollipop everything deeper than one foot from the tops of the plants, in otherwords, I only have 1 foot of growth on each plant.

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