are prints on containers incriminating?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by budblower10, May 7, 2006.

  1. are ur prints on containers very incriminating? is it an automatic give away? maybe you could say that you walked by, saw , touched them and then left. I dont know i was jus wandering, thanks.
  2. funny, i was wondering the same thing today....
  3. me too, but better thing to do, would be dont say anything and call a lawyer, then he can either make a defense up, cause you dont know what they pulled prints off of, or where. For all you know, they have NO prints, but suspect you, and come to your house and claim to have evidence, to get you to admit to have been there, then they can take you in. However, there are so many ways your prints could get at a grow site.

    A. Public places are public, if you stumble on a plant, its not illegal. Just pretend you didnt know what it was.

    B. If its on on the pots that hold your plants, say you go to gardening at home depot all the time.

    get what i mean?

    Wherever its growing, they will go to the landowner first. So public places suck for grow sites, they will know it was a guirilla grower, and try to get prints.

    If its on private property, they go to the landowner about it. He says it isint his, they prolly just kill them, if it s a small number. If it were like 20 plants, they will steak out overnight for you. Prints arent worth the time unless they have a suspect, which they wont.

    And they might not feel like dealing with it, because the burden of steaking out is theirs, when theyd prolly rather go home with their families.

    - Vince

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