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Are prices going up across the board?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Ceed19, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I was shopping around in CALIFORNIA of all places, and on the top quality they were telling me 11,600 a lb. I mean I know I might be a little older but I am not stupid. Or maybe I shouldnt feel stupid?
  2. Those prices on headies are outragous, the most I'll EVER pay for an oz is 400, and it better knock me on my fucking ass for that much.
  3. Maybe that is why if you buy too much or too frequently they keep raising the price. SWIM used to go to arizona all the time and buy bulk. at on point SWIM used to buy 80lbs a week from a gentleman in AZ. When SWIM was buying 1 lb the price was $480 (the pictures i posted), but as the ammoutn went to ten, then 20, 30, 50, 80, at every step the dealer kept raising the price on swim. With the dealer saying prices are just going up sorry.

    SWIM sent someone else to the same dealer to buy one lb, and that person came back with one lb of the same thing for $500. SO the more you buy the higher the price.

    makes me scratch my head

  4. LOL!! damn i experience the same thing with street dealers, thats why i stopped going to them. i just go to the co-ops. back before i got my recommendation i would always buy like at least an eighth aday from these guys for like $70! and then he would do it like $60 sometimes and i would be happy lol but then onetime it was $75 and i said something like 'ahh c'mon im always over here cant i just get it for like $65" cuz thats all i had and then he got all pissed and from then on it was always $75/eighth, "no exceptions" lol. theyre a$*hol*s.
  5. HOLY CRAP!! no way bro! that is f****ing insane! the most you should pay is $5,000 a pound for the highest of quality, smelliest, freshest pot. omfg! cant believe the people you ran into.

  6. I know, I really wish I could find a dealer with a degree in business or economics. ANd then on top of that I am in alabama, $1000 in southern california is not the same as $1000 in alabama. When you make minimum wage or $7 an hour at mcdonalds or walmart, who wants to pay $140 for a zip of whats above? People dont have that kind of money. It seems they want to sell to a few people for the HIGHEST PRICE possible, instead of selling more to the masses, and as a byproduct make themselves more.
  7. if I could get that..... I don't think I would even look for another job! you know, due to smoking all day and not wanting to work and all, yeah thats what I meant
  8. depends on how much taxes are taken out of your check, minimum wage here is $8.75 meaning, roughly, people make $6/hour after taxes. and ya, people are messed up in the head and dont understand how to keep a good customer and charge the little highschool kids who get money from their rich parents and only wanna buy grams and dont mind paying $25 or $30/gram and stop ripping off the serious patients who need it for cheaper. idk, thinking about it pisses me off.
  9. $9600 a lb

  10. Yeah I wish these laws would get changed. I have a pacemaker, a crushed and degenerating 5th vertebrea in my back. And I think I would be considered a chronic pain patient. I love to smoke some good smoke because it makes me feel so much better. Outside of it being inherently pleasurable it really does help, it makes a world of difference. But instead I am resulted to taking all kinds of high priced prescriptions with all kinds of side effects that send me BACK to the doctor.

    When i could smoke one blunt for $10 and the only side effect is a few extra pounds on my belly

    what just happened, all the reply and new thread buttons dissapeared. I got a message saying this forum is not recieveing new posts. But they were working in other forums where I could post. Did I violate some rules a few minutes ago?
  11. in a lb of it, usually about 2-2.5 oz of seeds fall out when pulling it apart. that doesnt count the seeds still wrapped up inside
  12. insane. in the past 6 months of smoking i havent found a seed yet. i cant remember the last time i found a seed.
  13. must be nice :)
  14. where i am it depends who you talk to. if it's someone who needs to make a living the prices seem to go up without the stuff gettin any better. if it's someone who doesn't need the money that bad, usually the prices stay the same. however, i have one dude who bumped his prices up a little bit, and got better shit, AND hooked me up more. weed is a part of the market just like anything else. when gas goes up, weed goes up so people can make more gas money. hopefully the economy will get better, and prices will go down soon. hopefully...
  15. well kinda but its just the greedy ass fuckers selling the weed cus prices did go up but only like 5 bucks and i live literally 3 mins away from mexico and usually get a pound for about 200 used to be 150 to 175 depending on quality but its just the people moving shit up north giving it an expensive price and shit i recommende moving south as south as u can before u hit mex

    dime bags are about 8 to 10 grams ounces are 25 to 30 bucks everyone down here every one smokes weed
  16. everyone is so helpful here, thankyou all so much, I am meeting some very nice people on here, nice community
  17. well Ive bee out of it for some time now too, its seems like the supply and demand has taken prices to an extreme. Order some seeds,take that $1200 and start your own little farm 90 days later your good.
  18. Well i dont know all about your prices over in the states, but my dealer was telling me how the economic shift is throwing literally everything out of wack and how its effecting the drugs trade... Id tell you what he told me but we got baked afterwards so i cant really remember the majority of it, but while i was sober it did make sense..

    He told me his prices are going up, as in the dealers he buys from, and thats by around £5 and its gone up 3 times in the last 2 months..


  19. you talking 3 separate increases or 3x as in 300%
  20. i am sure glad i live in canada 220 an ounce of strains such as jack herrer, white widow and master kush :)

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