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Are prices going up across the board?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Ceed19, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I used to buy all the time. Sometimes small and sometimes LARGE quantities. But I had been out of the "business" for a couple of years. I used to sell cars and real estate so you can imagine I did quite well for myself at the time. I was not smoking at all so I kind of lost touch with the scene. But in the past year, due to the economic down turn in automobiles, high gas prices and all, and the collapse of the real estate market I found my income all but dissapear. Why sugar coated my income turned negative. Well with not much else to do I started smoking again. Mid, dro, purple etc when I could find it. After a little consideration I started to look at prices around my area, and call some old contacts in the west.

    My question is this, are prices just going higher across the board. It seems like everything I find locally and out west is SKY high. SO high its almost unbelievable to me. Am I looking in the wrong places? is every greedy now? what is going on?

    I know people will say you are out of touch, you dont understand prices etc etc so i will list some examples.

    In my local area now a lb of mid (compressed green buds) is 1000-1200 dollars
    Kush, Purple, Dro, anything exotic is 500-600 an ounce.

    When I check in texas
    Mid is still 900-1000 a lb
    exotic still 500 for an oz

    when I check in AZ
    mid fluffy non compressed popcorn type buds $1050 lb
    mid compressed from a block 750 - 1000 lb
    exotic like GDP, Kush, 500-600 a oz

    Now I have talked to lots of people, looking, searching, not just one or two. more than 20.
    But something is not adding up. How can the prices be the same from east to west? Its the same in AZ as TX as AL as GA?

    I'm not looking for arguments or controversy I am just making an inquiry from a community of people knowledgeable on the subject. If I violated any rules I apologize. If I offend anyone I apologize.

  2. $1000 a lb for mids sounds about right.

    Prices for any good quality are running between $350 oz - $500 oz in Ga, depending on what name the dealer wants to give his no name dank. I used to get "exotic" at $400 oz...but who knows what it really was.


  3. When you say mid, is it separated buds, fluffy at all, or is it compressed and have to be broken apart with a very mild aroma?
  4. my main guy has pretty much stayed the same.. Picked up 2 zips of purp for 375 per a week or 2 ago. Usually around 350 to 420 per zip around here for highs, not too sure about the price of mids or lower. A dude from work was trying to push some purp for 80 a bag this past week though, shits getting out of hand.
  5. dank is about the same price all arcoss the US because its not imported. when you get dank its usually from a grow op with in a few hundred miles. the growers have a lot at risk so they ask for a lot of money.

    mids should still be diffrent prices everywhere for the most part.
  6. Almost like dealers are getting together and price-setting eh....

  7. I would jump on purp for 350-375 right now. The lowest I can get is buying it all the way from AZ and its STILL 500 a zip. which is only SLIGHLTLY lower than it is here but only by about 10%, its frustrating
  8. It is fluffy, non compressed. The smell is usually there, but gets stronger after a few days in a mason jar...visible trichomes as well.

    Lately it has been a little more compressed, I think it has to do with the season.


  9. yes thats exactly what it seems like. Dealers setting prices.

    the reason I say that is, I can always find some young know nothing kid with a great connect who has the stuff for half of what regular suppliers are selling for. But I am not young, not bold, or daring anymore. I cant handle the stress or drama. And it seems now adays its always the new kids who have the best prices but they also love the flash, attention, and have the attitude. Personally I could care less about clubs, and women, and all the other BS they want to pursue, I just want to get something at a decent price. And so far anyone reliable, older, or more professional...... prices are sky high.
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    Ahhhh yes, I am right over in alabama now. Its not fluffy, not frosty. and the smell goes away if you open the bag too long. thats whats passing as "mid" here now

    here this is a picture of some "mid" I got

  11. Sidenote, I do not see what is so great about purple bud that everyone gets such a hard on for. Anyways, Prices in FL have been the same since I was 12 I am now 26. Always been 300-400 for oz exotic, 275 qp of mids. I have not seen any price jump except when I lived in Jack-off-ville, aka jacksonville, people there would charge 60 for an eighth of some beat beasters, fuck that place.

    Damn that above me does not look like any mids I have seen.

  12. i hear what your saying. i know for sure that dealers in my area charge more to ppl over 30 yrs old, because they know its hard for them to find another dealer. Its a dick move just to make money, yea it sucks.

    really dude. best advise i can give in your situation is to start growing a little. But i know thats easier said than done.

  13. hell I would, but my situation doesnt lend itself to growing inside hardly at all, and everytime I plant something outside in the secluded woods around my residence...... deer eat it up. There are so many dear that they eat up any plants planted in the yard. Yards around me are flower and plant free except for this one gentleman who has a 6 foot high 3 layer electrified deer wire fence. HA, and I drive by every couple of weeks or so and see him rebuilding it where deer have just run head long into the wires and torn them to pieces..... I feel so sorry for him out there replanting his beautiful plants every month..... seems like he would give it up but persistence... they say is a virtue

  14. exactly, it would be more along the lines of just some compressed regular isnt it
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    if you paid 750-1,000 per lb for the buds above than you paid a decent price, and I suggest if you want some really funky nugs without having to pay ridiculous prices for them, that you grow them, but I obviously know thats not an option for everybody/most people
  16. Ceed, that post with the images, thats not mids bro, thats some shwag... very low grade stuff. how much was this stuff? around here this stuff is like $200 a pound, i never buy this stuff though. i see alot of seeds, looks like hay. im not saying anything bad just hope you didnt pay to much.
  17. is that across the board or just in the southeast because I can understand how it could be $1000 a lb in the southeast, but when buying 10+ it still seems high but I dont udnerstand how those 10lb blocks were $6000 in az and now they are $10,000 the jump just seems unbelievable to me.

    One of my degrees is in business and I have run businesses for over ten years before this economic crises. SO I view everything in simply black and white. Is it just that all the people I seem to find don't understand business at all? Personally it really seems like it would do the dealer better to sell for a decent price and have steady business and a good trust worthy clientel. But all these dealers I find ALL do the same thing.

    They sell for as high a price as possible. Sit on what they have for an absorbent amount of time. It seems to me, I may be wrong, if I am forgive me, but they sell so high and make money. And then dont care about clients or good customers. Once they have some money they get an attitude, show up late if at all, and get on this manliness trip. But then when the money runs out then they call and call and call for someone to come buy again.

    I just really cant grasp it.

  18. Oh dont worry you can talk bad about it, I talk bad about it. I am talking bad about it right now :)

    yeah I pay whatever to get a look. But that doesn't mean I would come back for seconds. I will tell you right now. Those blocks I can get locally from a young man. 10,500 a block, or 1050 a lb. And it makes no sense because no one wants to buy it. Why set the price so high that no one wants it? Economies of scale seems to fall on deaf ears.

    I would buy it all day everyday for 200 a lb, hell I would buy it all day everyday for 500 a lb. But I can only do that from some young "punks", and if you buy it too frequently they raise the price, or if you buy too much they raise the price. Which seems counter productive. Why does the price get higher for a good return customer?

    I hate these kids!!! ahhhh
  19. 350oz for the top quality strains. and as low as $200 oz for the high quality stuff, but not as great. the mids is like $200 or less, but its like fluffy nugs, alot of trichs, decent smell, ya know nice quality but not the "kush" or w/e. people are telling you rediculous prices bro.
  20. I suppose as lame as it sounds 'it's the economy.' Even though the buds get you just as high as they always did, people are fearful from all the news blasting them with horrible economic news day and night and want to raise prices and make as much money as they can, which it seems like everybody is trying to do, although in the end it usually always comes down to who you know for the prices you can get products at.

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