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are pot brownies detectable?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Hubert, May 20, 2003.

  1. going out of the country and i want to get stoned overseas. if i made like 10 thc brownies or cookies or other baked goods would the weed in them be detectable? could i just bring them in a bag thru customs?
  2. you can smell weed brownies. I would just smuggle it or buy it there.
  3. i planned on just putting the bag of brownies in my check bag an sharing them with all my cousins and stuff when i get there, but if there is a chance of getting caught its just not worth it.
    Besides, i think hash would be easy to get in spain, but i dont wanna get ripped off since ive never seen hash in person and cannot judge the quality like i can with weed. some spanish pot head would have a great time ripping me off.
  4. NO!! they are not detectable!!! I have ate them at the air port before, and on an airplane, and got stoned off my ass, and i was going to mexico, and customs never caught me.
  5. eat them right before you get on the plane. that way, if you have a long flight, youll get fucked up like an hour into the flight and probably still be fucked up 10 hours later (from what ive heard).

  6. Depends if you look like a total stoner.......I mean if they see a guy with red eyes and stumbling walking onto a plane with some brownies then you might rofl=D......But eating pot lasts ALOT longer than smoking it.....Me and my friends for 420 dumped alot of krypto into brownies.....We each had about an 8th worth of pot in the brownies and then we smoked so we were pretty fucked up for about 13hrs
  7. Im going to Spain in about 2 weeks from Newark airport in New Jersey. Planning on bringing about 9 brownies in a tupaware, maybe with some non-marijuana baked goods also as a disguise, with a sweet note on top saying, "From grandma!" is this a safe plan?
  8. no definitely not. if they can scan to see what you have in your stomach or what you have touched from a finger swab right there at the airport (had it done at LAX last year), i would believe they would be able to test a small piece of brownie for thc...which is pretty simple i believe....but then again idk i could be wrong. i just figured that they would.....especially with security now adays. saw some thing about a girl that swalled condoms of coke and was caught cause they scanned her.....
  9. ^I really don't think (esp at Newark Int'l) that they're going to be inserting needles into the guy's brownies looking for THC. they're looking for tangible drug evidence; actual buds, fat nugs, na mean?

    I think if you bake it a day or two in advance and let most of the smell dissipate, you could smuggle it in, esp. if you do it with other baked goods, especially ones with fairly strong scents to mask the remaining scent of the brownies.
  10. just make some brownies and then put them in an empty hoho baggie and vacume seal it lol.
  11. Um...well, shit. It's Newark Int'l. The place is kind of a shithole (still, better than my airport..), so if you do it RIGHT you should be okay. Try wrappin em, baggin em, then baggin that in a smellproof bag, Put it in a white tupperware container (not that clear shit.) with 'Happy Birthday' or some shit on a sticky note taped to the top. That should work.
  12. make yoself some honey oil
  13. ^ True that.

    I also forgot, I think it depends how you bake em. Cannabutter/oil (depending on if they're from scratch or from a box.) as oppossed to bakin that shit right into the brownies. DEFINITELY go with the butter or oil though. Dunno if that'll make em more pungent, but it's the only way to fuck you up if you ingest em.
  14. All I can say is, you are certainly not the first person to think of smuggling pot in their brownies and cookies, and the security guys at the airport are well aware of it. "Suuuuure they're from Grandma."
  15. Easy fix: Write on another note on the inside '<Name>, don't let John near these, they've got enough walnuts in them to set off his allergies if he even smells them'
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    lol word.. yeah man i mean ive brought like 3 grams in my pocket to mexico out of either JFK or La Guardia in NY a couple years back but idk.. I mean im going to Spain on a school trip, i imagine we're going to look very gay going through the airport as a huge pack so im not sure how suspicious we will be but then again, i havent traveled through newark intl. And yeah of course i was planning on making cann-oil. Im also thinking drape some fudge over the brownies or something to be positive of no stench.

    -I would think that the guys at security are more worried about preventing terrorist activity and shit like that.. not sure but i mean yeah like somebody said, i think the odds of somebody opening my tupaware, and sniffing out marijuana oil through brownie mix, fudge, and other assorted foods are very low. I have heard that they dont have those swab tests around, and would have to send them to a lab.. true? who knows..

  17. :hello: we have a winner imo of course
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    my only advice if u eat any before the plane cause last week i ate three peices of my hash brownies and COULDNT stop laughing funniest high of my life

    worst of it i was all alone!

    everybody loves raymond is such a funny show!

    and by the way what if u walk next to a dog and their in ur pack he'll smell it trust me!

  19. it's only natural :D
  20. the only reason im not as worried about dogs is because when travelling to mexico with 3 grams i didnt encounter any dogs, and you would think security for drug smuggling would be higher for a mexican flight right

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