are poor people stupid ?

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  1. In my opinion yes.
  2. My mommy told me not to feed the trolls, especially the ones that call people stupid yet have horrible sentence structure.
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    school smarts, yes im retarded. But I can fix your car for half the price of a mechanic and do it 10x better, I know every major drug dealer in my city, I can get any substance for half the price you can, and I could basically live off people that owe me dues for the rest of my life.

    Am I poor? Money wise yes I am poor. But I am rich in life, and no amount of money can topple that :)
  4. Some are, some aren't.
  5. Poor people with 40 inch televisions are stupid, yes.

  6. oh btw..

  7. Yes when they try to get intellectual and you can tell they didn't go to school or there "google" smart but no when it comes to street smarts
  8. Made me smile, man :)
  9. no, they just care or are interested in more important things.

    money isn't everything you know, and it definitely does not determine intelligence

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