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Are pipes bad for your throat? Kinda worried.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Weeeeds, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. I've noticed cause I started smoking out of a pipe for the last two weeks and I get really high with little weed but the day after my throat feels weird. I woke up today and tried clearing my throat and I see a little blood. Anything to be worried aobut?

  2. Well it shouldnt make your throat bleed.
    The only bad thing about a pipe is that i can be harsh. there is no time for the smoke to cool down before you inhale it.  you should look into other reasons as to why your throat is bleeding?
    go to a local headshop and buy a small bubbler, so the smoke cools down some next time.
    It isn't still bleeding lol, I woke up and just cleared my throat. After that My throat seems fine to be honest with you.
  4. Go buy a bubbler or a bong anyway :bongin:
  5. get some water filtration and youll be happier.
    is your current pipe glass or metal?
    My current pipe is metal why
  7. That probably gets even hotter, most are glass.
    seriously, go buy a bubbler or a bong or at this point a glass pipe :bongin:
    ya thats gotta be it.
    metal pipes are much harsher than glass.
  9. In all my years of smoking I've never once coughed up any amount of blood for any reason. First things first, i'd see a doctor. Coughing up blood was the first sign my GF's mum had emphysema... So be safe, get it checked ASAP.

    Second of all, water water water. Water pipe, bong, springer, bubbler, whatever you call it, get one. So much smoother...

    Also if you haven't really been smoking for long, you'll probably get a bit of a sore throat in the morning after smoking too much for a little while to come, regardless of what you smoke through.
    Also if you're worried about the health of your lungs, vaporizers are supposed to be leagues above bongs and pipes in terms of health. I smoked bongs for about 5 years before trying a vape though, and it just wasn't for me. So keep that in mind, if you're used to the 'taste' of smoking, you probably wont enjoy a vape too greatly, though that's just my experience.
  10. If your used to the taste of smoking then vaping should be even better for you, unless you tried a shitty vape that burnt all the weed and then hit it.
    truth. quality vape hits taste exactly how the flowers smell.
    i didnt realize how bad smoking tasted until after i started vaping.
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    Sorry I explained that pretty terribly. I definitely enjoyed the taste of the vape over a bong. The problem is that once you've sort of grown accustomed to that dirty taste of smoking, the vape just doesn't 'hit the spot' like a bong would. I found that while I was sitting around 'inhaling' a vape bag, I was just looking over at the bong on the ground like 'fuck it let's just smoke that instead'. 

    Also it was a volcano vape, worth like over $500, we read a few guides before using it and definitely got the temps right and stuff too. Also just to be clear, I only ever hit about 30 bags with the vape in the entire time my friend owned it. I can't say you won't grow accustomed to the vape, all I know is that I personally just couldn't adjust to it, probably because I kept swapping back and forth between vaping and smoking.

    Oh and @ ckycampmember, that's probably why I didn't really stick to it. We smoke some filthy nasty shit around here, maybe with some better bud I might have enjoyed the vape a little more lol.

    Precisely.  I bought a Volcano a couple years ago and hit it for weeks straight.  Then i smoked and it tasted like shit compared to the vapor!
    If bongs are what suit you, then just smoke lol everyone has their preference.  I vape every day and I know at times Im like "eh id rather hit the bong or roll up"..  All methods of smoking can be great :bongin: :metal:
  14. Any type of smoking isn't really good for your throat or lungs.

    Now blood coming up is unsual. When I first stared smoking I would get a kinda sore throat feeling in the morning . You could also be smoking to much. That could easily do it for your throat.

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