Are people stupid enough to be pursuaded by logo?

Discussion in 'General' started by Italia5239, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Similarities are uncanny.
  2. Honestly, whichever one is cheaper. I come from a family of soda junkies, no lie, so we go for whichever one is cheaper. Some days we have Coke, others Pepsi. Whichever is cheaper when we hit up the grocery store.

  3. What about this Gen. Their are alot of kids who are obese, more young people are getting diabetes.

    Kids are growing up with fast food, happy meals are like a rewards. How many times I've heard

    parents telling their kids "behave an will get mcdonalds later."Parents are just too lazy to cook. It the

    easy solution cause people are too tired to cook. Theirs still no excuse, but when I see kids walkin

    outta 7/11 with big gulps, seriously thats way to much soda.
  4. i know that i wouldnt let my own kids eat fast food as often as the average american. not like im gonna rob them of eating junk food but i agree with you, that def. is part of the problem. still though, thats the parents fault, not the company itself.
  5. logos are very powerful. the subconsious percieves a lot more than we're aware of, and logos, colors, slogans, subliminals, theyre all very powerful.

  6. Oh yes they are..symbols carry alot of power...wheather you believe them to be aracanic in nature, or something rooted in our psyche (I believe both are linked anyways)..symbols provide a visual catalyst for purpose and drive..its something primordial, what we try to fill out empty physical selves with, material possessions physical sensations..when reality all we are doing is fueling an illusion

  7. now that is one kickass post! :smoking:

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