Are people stupid enough to be pursuaded by logo?

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  1. So I work in customer service, as many of you know, and of course I see a very large amount of obese people, regular people, drug addicts, all sorts. Everyone needs to buy food..or beer.

    Anyway, not so long ago we started shipping in all of Pepsi's new products, with their "sleek" new designs.

    A quote from Pepsi's Chief Marketing Officer Dave Burwick "If we don't change quickly, we run the risk of being a footnote to history"

    I can tell you first hand we have sold more pepsi products only to the fact that THEY issued a large scale force sale. Which means, we have to put their products on a list of three different types of sale. We can either do a Buy one get one at a certain $, Buy 3 for certain $, or Buy three get the third free.

    I however, don't think that these stupid logos are making any difference, but I wonder sometimes, is that part of idiot America that's easily swayed by logos going to buy into shit like this? Does it really make a difference in the consumers mind?

    I did find this hillarious photo on the interwebs though, and it totally targets what I think of as well;

  2. The logo is new, Americans need new things to beat the Smith family. Plus I mean sure its just the logo but what if it tastes different ;)
  3. fuck pepsi..coke's better
  4. ^ Agreed
  5. I'll drink Pepsi, but it seems a little to sweet for me, I prefer coke.
  6. /sigh I guess no one pays attention to the business side of life when getting high
  7. Fuck business, I want some food.
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    Both Coke and Pepsi are partially responsible for the obesity in the world, this is true. Rotten teeth too.

    That said, I love me some Diet Coke. I had to quit drinking regular Coke 'cause I'm too fucking fat.

    Oh and I hate Pepsi, always have, the company pisses me off to no end. I still go to Taco Bell though (subsidary of Pepsi) and occasionally eat Frito-Lay products (same) and will order Pizza Hut every so often. But I won't drink their sodas anymore. Even Sierra Mist, which is yummy.

    I don't like Coke's business practices either. Third World countries need FOOD and WATER not fucking soda.
  9. ^^ Shit, I guess I need to pay more attention to whats owned by what. All this time I was thinking a business was a business, when infact it's a business within a business within a business...

    Edit: I've said business 6 times (7 now) in this thread already...

  10. Indeed they are..Soda is the main cause of most cavities.

    However, Diet Coke is no better for you than regular. The aspertain is horrible.
  11. thats funny because ive literally been saying this to myself since 10 years old. i noticed that pepsi changed their logo also and saw their new commercial and i wondered if i was the only one that saw what they were doing
  12. sorry man but thats bs, each individual who is obese contributed towards that themselves. not like the company threatened em to pay for their item and shove it down their throat, or stopped em from brushing their teeth.
  13. logos represent the company/product so yes i do think that people are stupid enough to be pursuaded by logo. Look at %90 of the population whom are materialistic... they all dream of mercedes cars and name brand clothing? Why? I dont know. Maybe because it represents a higher class of people? Who the fuck knows.. People ARE stupid. I agree with that statement.

  14. NO dude, guess who responsible for it. YOU, yourself!
    Like that time when a stupid fat bitch sued mcdonolds for getting her fat. WELL NO SHIT! she should of known about it and it was HER CHOICE to eat it.

    That the problem with this world. BLAME BLAME BLAME BLAME!!
  15. I agree with you, but it doesn't help that its' constantly being thrown in your face. Not so much

    soda, but all the fast foods we have posted at every corner. I hate those commercials where all

    these "young hip" people are all eating big macs. I wish they would show obese people eating big

    macs. See how appealing it is then. yada mean.
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    that is true and it IS much harder to find healthy food as opposed to junk food, but in the end if you really cared about your body then you would LOOK for the healthy food. the food being in our face and them shoving it down your throat are two totally different situations. you still have a choice.

  17. sterotypical stoner....

  18. See, I find that to be a very small part of the problem. You can say that the people should blame themselves, and rightfully they should.

    However, these are a weaker breed, that let themselves become obese. They can't say no to something because it taste good, no matter how bad it is. Which is sad. However, the companies from the very get go should have never steered towards such bad combination's of chemicals in their product. They chose to make America love the taste of their product, by introducing it as delicious as it is.

    It takes a strong willed person to say no, or to logically figure out how they can consume small amounts of delicious items without letting themself go.
  19. so youre saying that junk food is just...... TOO GOOD to stop eating? I shouldnt have to sacrifice not being able to eat junk food because some fat ass cant control themselves..... sorry man some people have to learn how to put down the donut

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