are paretnals tracking my internet?

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by Lotek-Rider, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. My mom and stepdad can be all in my business sometimes. Im just wondering if they are able to track what i look at? They have the wireless internet modem? thingy in there room and all the computers connect to it. They talked about tracking our internet history before but this was like 4 years ago im just wondering if they actually went trhough with it and if they did how can i tell?
  2. They can do it but theyre probably too lazy too.
  3. You're probably fine. There is software out there that can do it, but like the above poster pointed out, I doubt they want to go through with that.
  4. For them to track what and where you go online by monitoring traffick from the router, require technical know-how. Unless one of your parents is pretty computer savvy, you have little to fear.

    I'd be more worried about them installing a logger on your PC that will stealth-email to them just about anything you do with your PC on and offline, or reviewing your nethabits by rummaging through your PCs browser history.

    If you're paranoid, as it seems you are, just remember to delete your browser history after a session where you've been to sites that your parents may deem less than, erm, moral... :D

    Or better yet, use the stealth mode in current browsers (Chrome, Firefox).

    If you want to be really secure, you need to format your PC, reinstall your OS, create one account only with a good password, something they can't guess at, and save files you don't want your parents to see in an encrypted folder or partition.
  5. zomg the youngin's are migrating from Real Life Stories/General.
  6. You're right ofcourse. There should be a 25 y/o or older restriction to access any other part of the forum other than general and rl. stories.

    Then we'd get rid of the underage still living with their parents, and college kids that just read some philosophy or psychology and think they know everything. With an attitude that match.

    Come to think of it, 25 years is not enough. 30 minimum. Then one also got some life experience of highs and lows, and the wisdom that follows :)

    Nah, us older dudes and dudettes should help our younger fellow tokers. If I had this forum when I was a young fart, everything would have been so much simpler.

    But my youth was sans internet, and at that age, I would cream myself for the options our wonderful world of on demand streaming nudity provides. All we had was magazines that got passed around our little group of friends.

    Which we by varying success managed to hide from our parents...

    Kids today got it easy :smoke:
  7. LOL rly?
  8. If they have a Netgear router, they can.
    Go to and the username is "admin" and password is "password" (minus quotes, obviously).
    I found out that one of my neighbors was using my wireless, and I was watching all the sites he went on, and I sent him a letter via snail mail, and I told him thank you for all the password to his porn sites. :yay:
    I obv couldn't get his passwords without a keystroke logger, but it was fun knowing that I gave him a good shock.
  9. What an airhead.

    I'm a 20 year old young'un.

    Forget that in some African countries there are more people under the age of 15 than over it... age matters!
  10. Well, I was not being entirely serious. Perhaps I need to be really extravagantly hyperbolic and excessive before anyone peg some of my posts as the sarcasm it was intended as.

    Or maybe I am to stingy with the smilies. :D

    Either way, kiddies today, 20 year olds as bkadoctaj included, got it way to simple in this our modern world.

    Back when I was young, our internet was carrier pigeons, who packet by packet gave us pieces of a puzzle that in the end might resemble a nude Mona Lisa. With some imagination.

    Not only that, we had to work 12 hours per day, had 8 hours of school and 6 hours of homework. and if there were not enough hours in a day, we had to catch up on sundays. That's right, saturdays was just as any other workday.

    Kids these days, hrmf :p
  11. Oh? Well, let me put a bit of a twist on it, like I usually would. Perhaps the reason we have so much more at our hands growing up these days is because we have so much more responsibility in a world teetering on the brink of either destruction or major reorganization (doesn't mean we're guaranteed to fulfill it - that's all part of the challenge). If the times were as crucial back then, perhaps your generation would have been given the extra tools and temptations it needed to make the necessary choices moving forward? ;)
  12. 30 and above? would that leave 6 members?:laughing:

    Seriously though, considering this is one of the sites you would be worried about your parents knowing about, if they havent talked about this site, you are probably fine.
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