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Are our thoughts all connected?

Discussion in 'General' started by Oddyball, Nov 9, 2009.

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    Thought is the most powerful force in our world, yet it is infinitesimally small and does physically exist in our sphere of reality but on a different dimension in space and time then we can comprehend by any measure. Thought is a function of the human brain that we feel and perceive but cannot make sense of where thought exists and if each individual persons thoughts could inherently be connected. Yet, thought does propose an existence deep within neurological confines of our mind; but how can we measure it, and more importantly, how can we understand where thought exists on the higher level dimensions.

    Listening to music helps me draw inspiration for thought. And these thoughts of mine produce questions of everyone around me, and what their thought processes are. I wonder if our thoughts are all shared in the same dimensions. If you've read my earlier blog then you know that we live in 11 dimensions (which all exist in the same space), yet most we do not comprehend these other 7. We know of our 3 dimensions (left/right, up/down, back/forth) as well as time, which is considered to be the fourth. The perception of a then, now and future are all considered to be our perception of the space around us and how we interact with it.

    Our 11 dimensional universe of existence holds the key to our questions of life. Any human being will tell you that they have at one time or another in their lives wondered where they come from. The system of our world and where we came from entice and intrigue us. How is it that I if I am sitting next to someone that I am not in anyway connected to them? It seems a bit preposterous to think that just because you can't see something, it isn't there. Human beings have a different way of perceiving time and space than other animals. From the time it takes you to see an object with your eyes, hear a sound with your ears, and process those thoughts is what we consider to be time. It's a sense of then, now, and future. Yet, how is it that we can all share these same qualities as human beings just because of our brain. Our brains have evolved to sense, and comprehend what is around us. Well if our brains evolved around the dimensions that it could conceive, then it makes sense we don't see the other 7; we just don't see them because our minds don't perceive the other dimensions which are there.

    If you are someone, who like me entertains the theory that we live in a multi-dimensional universe, and that our world also is comprised of more than 3 dimensions - then it shouldn't be that far fetched to theorize that we all share a collective conscious on some level which we cannot perceive. It fascinates me with how similar all 7 billion of us are to one another. Human beings, as well every other animal and object on this planet, all come with more than one copy. The reason that human beings do not all look alike, is do to a genetic effect called the human variation. Yet, aside from the aesthetics of each duplicate object and life form on this planet, we are all pretty much the same.

    If I get sick, you get sick. I eat food, and you also eat food. Our senses, our feelings and our perception of life is all fairly the same. Yes, there are many variations of thoughts, feelings, and objects - yet everything at some level is created the same as everything else. From the perceived id and ego, to the consciousness of though and perception of time, these are what make us human. All matter (physical objects) are comprised of molecules and elements. Basic quantum (small) fabrics of life are all around us, yet they do not obey the same laws of physics which large objects do.

    The quantum world of physics says that a proton (form of matter) can exist in different dimensions (and universes) at the same time that it does ours. String theory also speculates that all matter in this universe is actually small vibrating strings, which vibrate like the tones of a string on a guitar. Our brain's neurological network is like a super speed highway of neurons, giving us the ability to think, and feel. If the fundamental elements of these neurons exist in this reality of ours, and their elements obey laws of the quantum level - then you'd have to speculate that the fundamental elements within our mind also can be in the same space yet in a different dimensions at the same time.

    Isn't it a bit scary to imagine how we as humans work. Breaking down our reality may at some point reveal more than we ever thought that we would like to know. The individual perception of ones self is a ... touchy thing. We all feel comfortable with what we know, and like to learn new information, or take in new information at our own pace: "when we're ready to receive it." How difficult will it be for us when we realize how we as humans really work. Will we then find out that we are more similar to machines, like the ones we've modeled ourselves after - or will there be a great surprise laying await for us which might reveal that there is more to life than we could ever have imagined?.
  2. Interesting theory :cool:
  3. Two words: Conceptual Continuity.
  4. our world is physcological...

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