Are Online Seed Banks Legit Or Bullshit???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by INFAMOUSTRE, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. What Up City I Was Just Wondering If There Are Any Legit Seed Banks Out There? I Ordered 78.00 Dollars Worth Of Seeds From And Haven't Recieved Shit Yet? Could It Be That They Are Fake, Or Someone Has My Package? If Anybody Can Please Tell Me Any Legit Sights It Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Thanks
  2. never even heard of that site... you should've done your research before ordering from one. the two legit sites that are most commonly talked about here are and & there are others.
  3. planetskunk is legit, it just takes awhile
  4. Dr. Chronic and Gypsy Nirvana are legit. There are others as well, but these are the two most frequently and consistenly spoken of positively here and on other sites.
  5. well sometime post travel slow ;)

    but anyway
    this is
  6. Out of curiousity, why did you go with planetskunt?

  7. Attitude seeds
    nuff said
  8. It just takes a while bro
  9. Maybe it's because you capitalize every word?
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    Rofl, you just made me realize that. Must take him a lot of time to type that way.. A bit weird:confused:

    Anyway, I haven't ordered from PlanetSkunk, but I've seen people receive their seeds from them.. Couldn't tell you if they were really a legit strain though. Next time I would go with Seedboutique, The Attitude, Dr.Chronic, or Hempdepot. Those are all totally legit sites.
  11. attitude all the way!!
  12. That Is So Strange!
  13. Haven't had a problem with the free shirts.

  14. Seed banks based in Holland are totally legit. Any difficulties with them, complain to a Dutch policeman!!!
    The biggest problem, as far as growers in the US and Oz are concerned, is your goods being seized by your own customs. But much has already been written about this.
  15. Attitude seeds is a pretty good place, Plus free seed when spend more than 2 cent

    Not sure how long that lasts tho
  16. I have order from twice and recieved the goods in 1-2 weeks. the first pack I got a popped in 48 hrs and are growing nicely right now.
  17. im planing on ordering some seeds soon and was just wondering how the ordering worked do you just ship them straight to your house or a po box?
  18. Not sure of the quality yet but I orderd some seed from I live in the USA and got them 2 weeks to the day that I ordered looked good marked with strains in bubble pack no weid markin on the envelope hell im happy hope they are what there supposed to be and Im golden ..... jus got some gardenin to do...........

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