Are nutrients required to grow?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Zeeb, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Will my plant flower if I don't feed it nutes? Or will it die?

  2. It will be very weak if you don't feed it. The least you could do is get a box of rapid grow at local store and add each time when you water it and make sure your light is on 16 to 18 hours at least until your plant shows sex. Good Luck
  3. Just low yields...other then that though when u go into bloom or before buy sum bloom soil cause if u start off with small pot ur gonna be needing soil for more room...Just get sum soil with bloom nuts. and earth worm casting it all will be good!
  4. Your plant will flower but not up to mark quality wise. But if you use nutrients you will get amazing results always ...Good Luck:)
  5. alot of people don't nute durin veg, only flowering.
    I believe that someone in the grow journals section was flowering a plant in Fox Farm Ocean Forest, and has not nuted yet. It all depends on the soil. No way in hydro. But possible in good soil.
  6. You dont HAVE to have nutes to grow Marijuana.Though it is highly recommended to do so atleast once I would say when switchg to flowering.It is good to guve nutes every other water regime though.You want to have a flowerering stage nute a veg state nute and micronutrients to go along.

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