Are nutes necessary?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Jamo16, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. I was thinking about getting the fox farm trio for my outdoor grow but its an extra $40 I don't really have after spending hundreds on seeds and lights. Are nutes necessary? My soil will have organic food such as blood/bone meal already in it. I wanna use other stuff such as kelp but I can't seem to find it at stores? If the nutes will drastically increase my yield than its worth it.
  2. Kelp is something you would want to add to your soil or find a soil with it. It has tons of trace elements and some plant hormones that are beneficial to the plant.

    If you make your soil correctly you shouldn't need to add nutes. Though you may want to mulch with some alfalfa or yard trimmings or something (which will add nutrients back to the soil as well as a useful mulch).
  3. Hey bud I'll let you in on a little secret of mine. If you can find an old apple tree with one of the big limbs missing, Or one that has similar hole in it, you can just reach in there and grab big handfulls of right, organic worm/beetle larvae casting. The shits amazing, seeds can be planting straight in it and they take off like rockets
  4. Nutes are needed but putting them in your soil beforehand is still using nutes. Super soil mixes are a great way to go. You can also add top soils or homemade teas later. I'd recommend finding a hydro store in your area. They should carry everything you need.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys. Genius idea bluemangoo but now I just have to find a tree like that. Does it have to be a apple tree or would any old tree with a hole work?
  6. Majority of mine comes from apple, did find one black walnut tree that had some but apple seems to be what the bugs like.
  7. Most nature preserves will have standing dead trees to promote wildlife such as woodpeckers, flying squirrels ect. I am fortunate enough to have access to all I need on my land. I wouldnt think it would be illegal to take the stuff but I'd have a backup story for why your taking it in the event of a park ranger encounter.
  8. Looks like Im going on a hike tomorrow. Thanks again bluemagoo, you have truly been an angel from above for me these last couple of weeks, taking your time to help beginners like me. I will for sure be sending you a gift after my first harvest ;)
  9. No problems man, secretly you're all part of my counter culture revolution anyway, you just dont know it yet ;)
  10. Hey Jamo check out my nifty tip thread i just put up some pics to show you what I mean.
  11. l saw that man! I found a tree with some nice looking castings a couple of hours ago!
  12. That's how we get it done! glad it worked for yah.

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