Are non-American films the best?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Skywalker298, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. I mean anything like Japense or Korean because I mean I watched Battle Royale last night it was probably the best movie I've seen this year

  2. Nah man, loads of good, great and classic films have been made in the U.S
    Apocalypse now, Schindler's list, Godfathers 1 and 2….I could go on!
  3. Easy Answer: No.
    America is the dominant force in cinema. Hollywood has both the money and power to control so many more aspects of film than most other country's industries.
    More complicated Answer: Still no, but in certain areas, yes.
    America hasn't always been the dominant force in the film industry. Pre World War II it could be easily argued that Europe was winning in terms of production quality and artistic movement. There are a lot of reasons for that that I won't go into now, but WWII was devastating to their market. America, being heavily influenced by other country's cinema (Italy and their neo-realism, France and their New Wave, Germany and their expressionism and neue kino, etc...) was really able to pull ahead dominant all other industries in most aspects.
    However, as of today, we are slowly seeing these Nations and many others coming up and beginning to make waves in certain genres. Japan and Korea for example are well known for their horror films. They might not have the same production quality as American films, but they offer much more in substance and writing. India has Bollywood, Germany and France are back on the path with great Dramas, etc..
  4. I have to say thats a great in-depth response you've given, are you a writer by chance
  5. Dunno, I never watched one.
  6. Thanks. I'm definitely not a writer by any conventional means. I do write a lot of movie reviews,but only as a personal project. I just have a passion for movies and the history surrounding them.
  7. Did you see the movie Pain&Gain? It's based on the killlings in florida I think, but they turned It into a comedy
  8. Id say no, you just gotta find the right kind of film. Some american films are all just about sex/action/comedy and lack a good story/character development/doesn't make the viewer think ....... movies like 2001 a space odyssey i can watch over and over cause the way it makes me think, and theres a lot of different perspectives and levels you can watch that movie from.

    Id suggest The usual suspects if you have not seen it. 
  9. Best to switch shit around.

    I love foreign films though. German, French, spain, Italian, Japanese, and korean movies. They're all mad gud yo
  10. American films are by far the best imo and I'm not American.  Look at some of the films that have just recently came out The Wolf Of Wall Street, American Hustle, Her etc.   Not to mention classics like Fight Club, Donnie Darko, Requiem For A Dream etc.
  11. Who knows but City of God is a brazilian film and its one of my favorites. Its about this kid growing up in the slums and dealing with gangsters and shit.
  12. Rather than look at the country of origin, you should direct your choices based of director, writer, and some people would say actor. As already stated, USA is big in movies because we can.. not alot of other countries have hundreds of millions pumping out blockbuster after blockbuster. But if it is quality film you are after, searching the internet to find others like you is my recommendation.
  13. Foreign movies are good creating good story and drama like mentioned already. They're also just a bit different, obviously.

    I love a good movie from anywhere.
  14. Non-American films are made to be art, not as corporate-made shit that appeal to the lowest common denominator of society. My favorite film of all time is an Italian movie, The Bicycle Thief. But even now, I always watch as many foreign films as I can. The next foreign film on my list to see is La Grande Bellezza.
  15. American movies are very conventional and follow a logical pattern, part of there success, at the same time is good to have an unconventional film sometimes
  16. There may be something to this as the greatest film of all time "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" is technically an Italian film.
  17. If you're only looking at the blockbusters or numerous romantic comedies and terrible horror films, then yes, American cinema looks a quick buck train. However, if you look deeper than the surface we have a lot of films that are artful masterpieces. Every movie industry has their share of quick flicks just to put something out.
  18. Yeah, but the ratio of good to bad films is much higher in foreign countries than in America, for the simple reason that we're the only country with a Hollywood. We're the only country that makes those retarded $250 million dollar movies.

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