Are my seeds dead?

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  1. I had my initial seed in a cup of bottled water until I switched to tap water after 2 days, soon after it sank and I put it in a paper towel which was at first on my window sill before moving it into my closet within a plastic bag. The temperature has been around 72-80°F throughout the last week or so but the seed still hasn't sprouted. Is the seed dead? Did I drown it? Is there any way to salvage the seed? help.
  2. Sometimes it will take a while for your seed(s) to root out. Since your seed is in the paper towel make sure you keep the paper towel wet everyday. You should see a change soon
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  3. Some seeds can take a little longer to sprout (After 7 days I'd call it a lost cause). Make sure the paper towel does not dry out, tie the plastic bag but cut some holes so some air can circulate. Keep it in a warm dark place and check every 12 hours.

    I usually just throw my seeds from package straight into a folded wet paper towel using tap water, put that inside a plastic bag and tape it to the warm spot on the back of my TV. Get roots sprouting within 48 hours.
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  4. If they are very old and do not sprout..sometime the shell is too hard to crack by itself and you scarify (scuff) it slightly and then back to the MOIST paper towel. I said moist since you want to encourage a tiny tap root to search for its water..If the towel is too wet, they do not have to search!
    I had one take 10 days..was just about to do a post mortem too..LOL

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