Are my roots alright? *PICS*

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by DarthHerbage, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. I flushed my res the other day, put in fresh PH'd water, added nutes, and started it up again.

    For the past three days though, my PPM has stayed the exact same, and I mean exact. (I have tested the meter on other liquids and it's working properly)

    I'm assuming I have some form or another of nute lock out. I just ran Flora Kleen for an hour or two through the system and am about to flush again.

    My question is: Do my roots look alright? I'm just scared of root rot and losing my girls.


  2. The pics make your roots look fine. What's the panic all about?
  3. I thought that if they weren't taking any nutes in at all, and I mean the PPM has remained the same for the last 72 hours, it was a bad sign.

    I thought it would mean nute lock out of some sort, as apparently the plants aren't taking in any nutrients for the PPM to not waver like that.

    I had some algae problems at the beginning of the grow (orange), and both the hoses and the roots are looking tannish instead of the white color I thought they should be.

    This is my first ever grow, so I'm apt to freak out about the small stuff. Personally, I'm just glad to find the roots are alright and that it was small stuff.

    Thanks for the reply.
  4. don't worry to much if the PPM doesn't change. As long as your plants are looking normal everything should work out fine.
  5. yeah youre plant will suck up nutes and water not just nutes. and you will loose some water to evaporation also when my plants are small in my waterfarm drip buckets the ppm goes up because the don't need much nutes yet and alot of water evaporates.

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