Are my pots to small

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by wattew, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. My plants are six days into flowering and are 1ft in height.They are currently in pots that are 6 inch in diametre 11inch in height,Today i noticed that i could see the roots through the dranage holes at the bottom of the pots,what should i do?
  2. i'd repot them into minimum 3 gallon pots, have any shown sex yet, only repot the females, unless you need males for anything............Peace out.........Sid
  3. Hi all..

    No they have not shown sex yet hoping soon, The pots i bought were the largest i could find, i bought them from b&Q, I never realized that the roots go so deep! Also what is the best method for transplanting (Repotting) i dont want to kill them ...

    Thanks guys
  4. if you get bigger pots, just fill them approx 1/2 to 3/4 full and then gently tap the sides and bottom of the ones that their in, and they'll come out in the one go.........then gently place it tnto the bigger pot, and surround with soil..........water and gently pat down..........leave in peace for a week or so, giving water when needed, and they'll be fine...........Peace out..........Sid
  5. SID.......

    What measurments are the 30 gallons pots.sorry for asking a dumb question but as u know im still learning.As said i did buy the biggest i could find.
  6. well, hard to say as pots that's about 8-10" across, and about 9-10"high should do the job...........Peace out..........Sid
  7. Any garden, or harware store should have 3 or 5 gallon pots..
  8. Hi all.....

    Thats cool, the thing is, is it possible that after hearing about overwatering, that i have got paranoid and not watered them enough, i use the fingure in soil technique and wait until the soil feels dry say 1/2 inch deep then i water but only a little, the watering schedule works out at about once every 2-3 days? Maybe the roots are streching down for water??? As said above the pots that you have recommended are hardly any bigger than the ones im using..

    Anyway all help appreciated & ill post some pics later today, as im 8 days into flower and can see no sign of sex (well being a begiinner i just dont reconize it although i am looking hard. Its getting to a vital stage now i feel and ive noticed the plants leafs getting a little crispy, i have however got control over temp now thank god!! about 75F in there now with three fans, so that should be ok. Light is 16inches from plants and dont seem hot when holding my hand under light that distance. Also the first set of leaves are now dead looking which i know is ok, but the leaves above that are beginning to yellow?? is this to do with roots coming through pot?

    , pps ph is 6.5, fert is miracle grow very dillute and given on every 3rd-4th watering. Sorry there is so much but i know you like to know what im doing before you can help!!.

    Cheers Wattew
  9. when i remove my plants after flowering the roots will be all over the place, right up against the wall of the pot, and the bottom.........if you feel that the pots are big enough, them just add some more water.........sometimes it's better to flush through with ph adjusted water, once or twice during the grow, this will help with having to water them every 2-3 days.........if i were you, i'd wait till watering time, and give them a flush anyway, and let all the excess water run away..........Peace out...........Sid
  10. ok thats great ive tried so hard to follow all the advice given to the book and feel that there is proberly not to much wrong,, hopefully...
    One more thing to be a pain....sorry..... i know what ph is and i obviously know what warter is lol... but what is ph adjusted water or more so how do i do it.. or make it????
  11. if your doin everything right you shouldnt have much of a problem with PH. But the ph you wnat is around 6.5-7.

    To make PH level higher, you can add lime, and to lower it you can add some phosphoresic acid, but, dont fix it if its not broken:)
  12. hey, you can ask as many questions as you like, as long as they are justified, that's not as common a question as "will black lights grow me weed?"

    what i do is leave the water out for 24 hours and then check it, chances are will be o.k. but diffrent countries vary, here the water comes out the tap crystal clear, ready to drink..........Peace out..........Sid
  13. I use Distilled Water. Its pretty much as clean as you can get it. Buy a pH meter. They only cost a few $$. Maybe like $10 or $15.
  14. Can i buy lime & phosphoresic acid from the garden centres??
  15. you'll get the lime o.k......but i don't know if all garden centres would stock the acid, but any hydro store nearby will, check your local directory........hydro store owners = stoners 9 times out of out...........Sid
  16. cool thanks so much, i will post pics soon, i should have enough info to proceed now..

  17. yeah mate, ya pots would B 2 small. ya got some good a dvise from every 1, I just transplanted my seleve other day, and things look good cheak ya. Grrentoker

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