Are my plants to small?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Bruce2121, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. 6B8971A4-78B0-42E9-AE7B-5494BFB52257.jpeg 269B7A56-7AD5-49F7-B6D3-5541D40966EC.jpeg 6DF42F76-D846-4366-8B45-14C7C633DB5A.jpeg 0362FF54-2E77-480C-B402-982E4CDB78B7.jpeg All 3 bagseed are they growing at a normal rate? The 2 smaller ones started 7/2 and bigger one was started 6/26 under 300w led with some other small lights. Any advice would be great. Plus I don’t know why they started to claw and at the tips and yellowing, I was thinking heat stress but it’s getting better I think. Lst on the bigger one and top like twice.
  2. I’d say that’s probably nute issues

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  3. nute burn when uploading pics you need to take pics in the dark with flash on or under normal light could beabit of N toxicity but wouldnt be able to know that until i see the foliage colour
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  4. Should I add or decrease?
  5. Okay I’ll upload some
  6. well it certainly points to nute burn have you checked your ph buddy and what are your temps and rh reading also how many times do you feed them
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  7. I had them in a cabinet and temps would reach 85f so I moved into closet now it’s stays around 78-79 . Not sure about humidity. I feed them whenever they feel lightweight. I fimmed the middle one to early I also accidentally watered with nutrients instead of just water once.
  8. What are you referring to specifically which ones.
  9. 85f is high lol you could tell the leafs look like they recovering from heat stress you did the right thing moving them when you say you have been feeding when feel dry thats good for soil but if its coco it needs to stay moist ph is so important buddy i cant stress that enough
  10. Am using soil so I guess am good on that lol. But I definitely need to get a ph meter then and keep it at 6.5-7?
  11. I know but I think they made a comeback lol hopefully!
  12. The leaves on the biggest one were kind of folding like a taco before I switched them from cabinet‍♂️
  13. Thanks dude cheers:love-m3j:
  14. yes defo get one water ph range for soil can be between 6.2-.7
  15. :thankyou:
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