Are my plants small? with pics

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  1. Ok so here the deal. I am about to be 5 weeks into veg state. First how long do you guys normaly leave your plants in veg. I know it varies but a average. My plants are about 42" tall and kind of spread out but bushy at the moment. They are in a 2.5 Gallon pot. I am using a 400 Watt HPS/MH light. It is average temp in the tent. Thanks for the help and heres some pics

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  2. No, they're a very good size for the time they've been growing. Personally, I veg for 3-4wks but because I top my plants multiple times, they end up going into flowering at about 9" tall.
  3. Your plants sound like they're at an average height for 5 weeks, also sounds like your plant has some good sativa influence. Im currently in the middle of a multistrain Sog grow and I wanted them short so I only vegged for 3 and 1/2 weeks.When I use to grow taller 7-8 foot pants I'd veg for 6-8 weeks on average.

    If I were you I'd transplant, veg the plant another week or so and then flower that bad girl. Remember in flower strains can stretch 2-3x their size. Also, I hope it's just my eyes, but I see some white spots on your lower leaves? Or is that glare? Whatever it is, I hope it's not spidermites, take some better pics of that.
  4. Looks like dried drops of fertilizer after a feeding or powder mold. Hope its not mold. Other than that questionable pic, your plants look good. Keep it up.
  5. u might wanna get bigger pots for the size they are already in veg, be prepared fopr them to at least double in size and theres nothing worse than being root bound in flower imo
  6. Yea the white was just bad picture. I looked at them this morning theirs no white. So you think I should transport them without hurting my plant. I was afriad growth had stop due to the pot size
  7. I am gonna get a bigger tent to. They are to bushy for this tent
  8. yeah go for a 5 gallon pot and transplant is easy just make sure they are completely dry so the roots hold the medium together :)
  9. What's the latest I can do this since I wont have money to buy more pots and a tent till next week or can you transplant at any time

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